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More on my Quilt-as-you-go patterns

I’ve had questions, and after thinking about it, I decided I should have included a link

from my last post about the new U of I quilt I was making

to this post about my quilt-as-you-go lap quilt tutorial.

So much to think about, and I was already stretching my brain to sew and document at the same time so I could blog about it for you…

Whether you’re thinking about my best-selling pattern

A Pretty Package

A Pretty Package #179 for blog watermark

or one of my earlier quilt as you go patterns:

Quilt as you go quilts photographs 1-4-11

check out the tutorial to get a better understanding of how quick & easy these really are.

You truly can make one of these in a day!

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Need to make a last-minute Christmas gift in the form of a quilt???

Have I got a plan for you!

They say the father of invention is necessity.

I can add to that by saying if you add a bit of lack of time-to-do-it-all or procrastination, well, my quilt-as-you-go lap quilts are the answer!
Back in September one of my older brothers (I’m #5 of 6 children) turned 50.

Not that I didn’t know it was coming, but my summer was so crazy that I didn’t have a chance to think about what gift I would give him. Before I knew it, it was here and I’d still not made a decision. I wanted to make him a quilt since I’ve not made him one up until this point. I’ve made some of my siblings and siblings-in-law quilts for milestone birthdays, so I asked him at his 50th birthday party if he had any special requests.

His reply, being a U of I Fighting Illini alum x2, was that he wouldn’t mind it being blue and orange Illini colors.

I decided that would be an easy task. I found Illini fabric later that month, but was so busy with fall quilt market prep that I didn’t have the time or energy to put into even designing it. Finally last Sunday I had Clare help me baste the backing & batting.

Then I decided what the quilt would look like and made the giant “I” applique.

Illini "I"

 Next, I cut all of the strips.

Illini all strips cut

Everything was set to sew.

Illini quilt materials

FINALLY I started sewing!

If you’re familiar with any of my quilt-as-you-go lap quilt patterns, they all work on this principle.

Bast the backing to the batting (I like spray baste) then use that as a foundation to sew strips onto.

Once the strips are sewn on, the quilting is done.

I added the applique, then the binding.

Illini quilt sewing

And here it is in all its blue & orange glory…

2012-12-14 021

If you think it’s bright, that’s just because you’re not an Illini fan!!!

Dennis’ 50th(+) birthday gift, check!

I hope you’re making time to sew something for Christmas (or birthdays, etc.).

Until next time,