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A Li’l Bit of Help from my Friends

Last weekend was our annual retreat to Rosemary’s,


our local quilt shop/friendly retreat center.

Rosemary is extremely generous to open her home/quilt shop to quilters who want to meet, sew, shop, sleep & dine at the local yet delicious restaurants of which we choose authentic; Mexican, Italian, & Chinese!

There are more restaurants within the same two block radius from her shop including a diner next door where Loraine & Chris ate breakfast plus many more restaurants & stores throughout the little town of Highland to make this a perfect destination to sew with friends.

I prefer left-over Chinese & DiMaggio’s pizza for my breakfast…

While there, I finally cut into my new Mill Book Circa 1892 collection that I showed you last week.

Suzn+Quilts+Cutting+Mill+BookI’m working on another new pattern using my Tiny & Mini Dresden plates.

I can’t get enough!

I know, right???

Fun was shared by all that were able to attend.

Suzn+Quilts+Rosemarys+2015+groupLots of sewing, chatting & eating…

Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to ask someone to take a photo of our group & my phone doesn’t have a camera timer darn it (at least not that I can find!)

We all accomplished a lot & yesterday I set to removing freezer paper templates.


These are all the petals on my kitchen table drying.

The sun was shining so the lighting isn’t even, but a pretty cool image anyway I think.

Today after helping with charity quilts at our guild meeting & a trip to the dentist for me & Clare, I’ve been making more petals & my sewing room helper (still nameless) is helping.


She’s keeping them wrinkle-free until I can cut apart, press, trim & turn them.

Her services have been invaluable!

Just keep sewing…


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Moda love…


It’s that time of year again.

Time to be thinking and planning for Spring Quilt Market.

It will be in Minneapolis in May.

Actually I’ve been thinking about it since we left Houston!

I’ve already sent in payment to reserve our booth,

bought our air flights

 & worked up proposals for two Schoolhouse sessions.

Actually I did all that last year,

not only that, but I ordered sample fabric from the very generous folks at Moda.


Collection for a Cause Mill Book Series 1892!


Pink, Green, Cream & Red, all my favorites plus my new love, purple!

The tones are so warm & lovely that I can’t wait to start cutting.

I replaced my rotary cutter’s blade today…

As usual, I don’t know exactly all I’ll be creating with the collection,

but I know where I’m starting.


Yep, can’t get enough!

Any other suggestions?


OK, some of these too.

Gotta get cutting!

Until next time,


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New Year, New Toy

I customarily wait until after Epiphany (January 6th) to undecorate our home.

So, now that Christmas is officially over, with the help of our three kids (# 1’s day off, #2’s Christmas break from college & #3 frigid temps, no school) Christmas got put away today.

Just on the heels of that unpopular task came a friendly Fedex delivery man.

Poor guy, I would not want his job today.

It’s 12 degrees without the wind chill right now!

He brought me this.

Suzn+Quilts+Food+Processor+boxI’m not a foodie but I do watch cooking shows now & then

& occasionally there is a good-looking recipe where a food processor is a must.

Although I have a mini food processor that I’ve used for small tasks over the years, it’s not the same as a heavy duty full-size food processor.

Suzn+Quilts+Food+Processor+assemSo, with the help of my Kohl’s cash, a gift certificate from last year’s birthday from a dear friend, my Kohl’s birthday month coupon (yeah it’s here again) & my Kohl’s reward points, (& some cash…) I decided to buy this on-line over the weekend.

(Now I have more Kohl’s cash to spend.  It’s a vicious cycle!!!)

Suzn+Quilts+Food+Processor+instUnfortunately, I can’t use this thing until I read the manual.

I guess it’ll be a while longer…

That’s OK, I need to find those recipes anyway.

Got any favorite recipes that require a heavy duty food processor?

I’m in the market for some delicious, tried & true recipes now.

Eventually I’m going to get to that new box of fabric!

I can’t wait to show you that.

Until next time,


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Tiny Dresden Plate Seasonal Series Kits

Christmas break is officially over &

it’s a balmy 12 degrees here this morning if you don’t count the wind chill.


 To that I say, “Let the snow fly, I’m cutting kits!”


Great little projects to keep the flying snow at bay…

Suzn+Quilts+Tiny+Dresden+retail+brochureDo you remember me showing you these here?

They’re great little projects.

You can either make them all this winter while the snow flies or

make one each month.

If your local quilt shop doesn’t yet have them, get yours here at Suzn Quilts.

Keep warm!

Until next time,