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Newly updated pattern #10 for Market

And last but not least…

Shaker Ladder Quilt,

It’s amazing how quickly these quilt-as-you-go lap quilts come together when you start with pre-cuts!  The cutting is practically all done for you.  This quilt takes a jelly roll, a charm pack and a yard of fabric for the triangles & binding.  You can’t get much easier than that.  You can however make your own fabric collection too if you prefer.  Instructions are included for that too.

Happy sewing and I’ll chat with you when I return from quilt market next week.

Until next time,


My Life, New Pattern Sample, New quilt pattern, Quilt Market

Newly revised Pattern #9 for Market

I decided to update the fabrics in some my favorite and popular patterns.  My earliest patterns had hand-drawn illustrations that are accurate, but now that I use the computer for eveything I decided to update that part as well.

One of those patterns is

Bunnies in the Grass,

I couldn’t resist making it in the new Amelia fabrics that I’ve been working with these past few months.  It’s so bright & cheery for spring!

The pattern includes an 18″ x 51″ table runner, a small quilt, plus a smaller bunny applique that is just right for towels or shirts, etc.

Look for it soon at your local quilt shop or on my website.

One more newly updated pattern tomorrow.

Until next time,


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New Pattern #8 for Market

Wow, time flies when I’m having fun!

I enjoy the entire process of making quilt patterns.

I love buying the fabric, making the samples, writing the directions, working with my photographer getting the photos just right and then taking them to be printed.  It’s almost fun folding and stuffing them into their zip top bags, almost.  I find that I spend a fair amount of time in front of the TV waiting on my college-age kids to get home from school, work and play, so that’s when I usually take care of that task.

When all that is finally done, I can’t wait to see the finished product in its crystal clear bag, ahh!  That shiny clear bag with my pattern inside just makes me smile.

The next step is debuting them at market.  It’s a bitter-sweet task in itself.  There is always travel involved, either to Houston each fall for fall market or to a different city each spring for spring market.  After working my bootie off for several months getting new patterns and samples ready then traveling to get them to market where it’s three days of standing all day after a day of set-up and Schoolhouse lectures the day before that, it’s very exhausting as well as exhilarating.

It’s fun seeing quilting friends, but it’s very tiring getting “it” all together!

For all those traveling to quilt market, safe travels, and come see me in booth #1902!

For those of you that cannot attend, stay tuned for photos when I return.

I will leave you with new pattern #8,

A Pretty Garden,

This is a lap size quilt, made with my Quilt-as-you-go method that I’ve chatted about here.

Bright & cheery for spring don’t you think?  It’s been in the works since BEFORE I got back from Salt Lake City’s spring market in May.  I love the way it turned out with the Amelia fabrics by Me & My Sister for Moda. The fence posts and the “grassy” area between the fence posts are sewn into strips then the strips are sewn onto the foundation.  Next make and fuse the applique.  I love the cricket, how ’bout you?

Until next time,


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New Pattern #7 for Market

This change in the weather can’t come soon enough for me and it’s not even winter yet, although there have been a few days this past week that could have been considered winter days, yuk!!!

I will think about spring instead of winter if you please.

Let’s hear it for Flowers on the Vine,

It’s another pattern made with my popular Quilt-as-you-go lap quilt technique.  You may remember if here.  It’s made with the new Amelia fabric collection by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda, plus a yellow polka dot print that I couldn’t resist.

I used a jelly roll plus some yardage for the borders & flower applique to complete the top. It also uses some jumbo rick rack and cute little flower buttons by hillcreek designs.  I’m always on the look-out for new, fun stuff to add to my quilts.  It’s a project that I can complete in less than a day and the best part is when all of the strips are sewn onto the foundation the quilting is done, no wondering how to quilt it, yeah!  You can easily make it in a weekend and these lap quilts make great gifts.  Ask me how I know!

Until next time,


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New Pattern #6 for Market

My sixth new “In Season” pattern has to be about school don’t you agree?

It’s a time of year that I look forward to, but then soon regret when the house is so quiet that I can’t stand it!  Call it bitter-sweet, call it crazy or call it

In Season for Back to School,

I will now look forward to hanging this every year in June to remind me that I will once again miss all the craziness of summer, just kidding!!!

Look for a change in the weather tomorrow, spring is coming…

Until next time,


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Sorry for yet another interruption…

I finished the sample that I was working on with the “extra” black charm squares from yesterday’s interruption post. Do you remember that chat?  Anyway, during the disappointing World Series Game #4, I put the hand stitches on the binding.

I like this outcome more than the Cardinals’ outcome.

It’s a sample of my new “A Pretty Plate” quilt using my “Mini Dresden Plate Plexi Template” that I introduced at spring market.

Notice how I used the black charm squares in the corners instead of more 4 patches?  I thought it would tie in the black centers of the Dresden plates.

Gotta love the bright spring-like fabrics.  Am I the only one that doesn’t enjoy this time of year because I know winter is just around the corner???

 I’m so not looking forward to W-I-N-T-E-R!!!

Yes, it’s another Amelia fabric sample.  It will look nice sitting right close to all the others later this week in my booth at Houston.

Hopefully the Cardinals will have a better night tonight.

Until next time,


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New pattern #5 for Market

If you guessed my next pattern would be about dad,

you were right!

In Season for Father’s Day,

I used civil war prints for the vest & border on this quilt to add a bit of male sophistication.

In another life-time (or so it seems looking back) I made applique towels for family, friends & craft shows.  Even back then I did a lot of seasonal sewing. My following had towels for pretty much every season, but several asked for something to hang for Father’s Day.  That’s when I came up with a vest and bow tie for the month of June.  This is a dressed up version!

Until next time,


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We interrupt these new pattern introductions…

I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two and showing you what I worked on during the game last night…

Pretty cute stuff, huh? It’s another sample of my Charm Pack Garland pattern.

I wanted to watch the world series game (Go Cards!!!) and also wanted to work on a few more loose ends for my trip to market in a few days.  So, I decided to take my ironing board, iron and fabric to the livingroom to watch the game with the family…

I started with some charm packs that I bought from my LQS last month (or maybe the month before that), more of that lovely “Amelia” collection.

I pressed them, notice I kept out the black squares to use on another project soon to be revealed.

Then I made the “string” to hold them all together, all while watching Pujols make world series history with three home runs in a single world series that only two other greats have been able to do; Babe Ruth & Reggie Jackson.  But anyway…with this stuff

today I was able to sew this,

Gotta love the pile of color that this makes!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Until next time,


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New Pattern #4 for Market

It’s another “In Season” day here at my blog,

and today it’s all about mom.

In Season for Mother’s Day,

You don’t have to make this quilt just for your mom.

Lots of moms would like to hang this quilt on their wall, maybe you?

You could make it for yourself even, I did!

Can you guess what tomorrow will be?

Until  next time,


New quilt pattern, Quilt Market

New Pattern #3 for Market

It’s just new,new, new here!

When we get done there will be enough patterns for you to make & hang one each month for the entire year!  I love changing out decorations throughout the year, I suppose that’s why I have so many seasonal quilt series.

They’ve been some of my best-selling patterns.

Here is

In Season for St. Pat’s Day,

Funny thing is, it seems so far away now, but it will creep up on us…

I’m not Irish, but I’m looking forward to hanging this quilt before March 17th!

Until next time,