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Ladies Day Out at Villa Rose

If you live in my area

I hope you’ll come visit us at Ladies Day Out

this Saturday at Villa Rose.


There will be lots to see & do, plus the admission is free!



I’ll be giving a demo on my little Dresden plates at noon.


You’ll be able to see my samples up close


& I’ll answer any questions you might have about these

cute little fabric wonders that have stolen my heart.


There will also be a mini quilt show.

I’m not sure if the show will be small or if the quilts will be…

If you’re like me you can use a day out

so, grab a girlfriend & come see us.


Just Keep Sewing!



quilt kits

New Tiny Dresden Friend Quilt Kits

I gave a program to our guild this week;

all about my Tiny & Mini Dresden plate quilts.

Love my little Dresdens!

Of course I offered my patterns & templates for sale.

I received an order for two Tiny Dresden Friend quilt kits from my friend Carol N.


Yes, she told me “I have two friends…”

Well, she’s not making a quilt for me,

so obviously she has way more than two friends!!!  Lol…

I didn’t realize I hadn’t made any of those kits actually,

so today I gathered up all of those fabrics & cut kits.


Do they look a bit Sheldon Cooper-ish?

(He has a bit of O.C.D. on Big Bang Theory in case you’re wondering.)

I like to line everything up so I can see that I’m not missing anything

& if it happens to look very organized well all the better!

Whenever I’ve had my kids helping me fold patterns or whatever, I always insist they do things so it doesn’t “look like a kindergartner did it.”  No offense kindergartners!


There, is that better?

At any rate,

I cut a few extra kits to have on hand

so if you’re needing one (or two or three…) they’re on my website.

Kits are also available for my Tiny Dresden Birthday pattern.


I have the whole monthly series in fabric kits too!


They make great little gifts either in the finished quilt form

or in pattern form for a quilting friend.

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it too…

Just keep sewing!