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New Patterns Spring 2019 Dresden Feathered Stars

I’m finally feeling caught up with all of my after-market work.

Notice I said “feeling,” not that I am…

I want to show you my new patterns!

I’m excited to have 3 new patterns that I enjoyed making

& I know you’ll love them too!

I’m going to warn you,

this post is image heavy!!!

I love taking pics of my progress not only to mark what I’ve done,

but also as a great retrospect.

Meet Dresden Feathered Stars:

It all started way back when the total solar eclipse was happening in August of 2017.

Do you remember that day?

Clare, Nemo, Mabel & I spent the day mesmerized by the changing light.

It’s also when I started cutting fabrics for a new design for a

Feathered Star block

that would accommodate my Tiny Dresden plate.

Designing was fun.

I had to be sure it would all fit together.

I’m reminded of a book about the Wright Brothers that I read over & over in grade school.

I read it aloud to my mom while she cooked.

The boys’ mother made clothing from her own patterns.

She always made the garment out of paper first.

She would say “If you get it right on paper,

then it will be right when you make it.”

I don’t know why that stuck with me all these years, but it did.

I wish I could find that book.

The past few years I’ve bought & checked out of libraries

every version of “The Wright Brothers”

that I could find, but so far I’ve not found that exact book.

Anyway, getting it right

& making notes along the way


helped me to realize the process.

It also helped to remember the exact steps

to make a perfect feathered star block.

I had several Tiny Dresden plates hanging around to audition for the role…

but that really wasn’t the task at hand.

I enjoyed the process

& the results were such that I had to make more.

making more & more notes as I went along.




Soon feathered star block #2 was complete!

Next I cut for block #3.

I added labels, notes & illustrations to make the next block even easier!

Soon I had the instructions written to help with assembly of the next block.

By then my book,

Dresden Quilt Workshop

was released & my time & attention was taken elsewhere…

Eventually I came back to finish feathered star block #3.

It was considerably easier with the instructions that I had written.

Soon block #4 was complete!

That’s when Dresden Quilt Workshop Sampler was born & I couldn’t stop myself!

That lead into getting ready for fall market

& all the prep involved with promoting a brand new book with C&T.

Dresden Feathered Stars got put on the waaaaay back burner…..

Then this past winter Susanna’s Scraps by Betsy Chutchian became available.

I ordered sample yardage.

In my prep work with that collection

I decided the border print looked great with the Moda pinks in my stash.

& that’s when it hit me that my feathered star blocks would look great with this border print!

But then what?

The pinks from other collections looked great, but they needed something else.

That something else was GREEN!

So I set to work with my instructions

that I had written more than a year before

& my green stash!

Soon I was set to sew!

An estate sale had produced this awesome green box perfect for organizing my cutting table.

So, green stars evolved.


They looked great with the pink stars!

Nemo kept me on task snow & all.


Points were just falling together!

Soon I had stars ready for the beautiful border print.

Oddly enough when I got ready for the Tiny Dresden plates,

I realized the plates that were hanging out in my sewing atelier

were perfect!!!


How crazy is that?

So I set to the fun task of appliqueing them to the centers of the feathered star blocks.

But now what?



Too dark…


So much too, that I had to set them aside & let them percolate.

In the meantime I made a baby quilt for a cousin’s new baby.

In case you don’t recognize it, it’s my “Name That Quilt” baby quilt book.

It has really saved me in times that I need a baby gift!!!

Soon I was back to the feathered stars…

I finally decided on the perfect fabric for the

Mini Dresden plate intersecting plates & sashing too.

Soon the quilt design was complete!

Next was to get it professionally quilted by Tamara,

then photographed by Scott.

Nemo was of course on hand to offer his support!


Sadly this was Nemo’s last photo shoot.

We had to have him put to sleep this week.

We had 13 years together with this sweet collie

& I already miss him!

Many of my work days were made sweeter with his company.

But life goes on & more quilts will be made.

Dresden Feathered Stars,

full of illustrations & notes

will help you make perfect Feathered Stars,

& my hope is that you enjoy the process as much as I did!

They’re available on my website.

Just Keep Sewing…




A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #17

Week # 17


It’s time for assembly!

Refer to page 7 to sew together the blocks to make Quilt #1.

The diagram will show you how to sew the blocks into 4 sections,

& the numbers tell you what order to sew those sections to each other to complete Quilt #1.

As noted,

Quilt #1 should measure 18 1/2″ x 24 1/2″.

I’m curious who plans to make 4 individual quilts,

& who will make the one big quilt.

I can’t wait to see!

Please keep posting your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

Just Keep Sewing…




My Life, New Quilt Fabric Collection, Quilt Market

Spring Quilt Market 2019 In Kansas City

Chloe & I traveled to Kansas City last week to attend International Quilt Market.

It was great spending time with her & some of our market friends

including Susan Knapp of The Quilt Branch,

& her helper Karen Bailey.

Lucky for me, KC is a relatively short drive so we had a double booth

and I was able to pack some of my favorite goodies for display.

It was nice to talk to lots of old friends and to make lots of new ones too!


Lots of little Dresdens happening here!

We also showed my new quilt-as-you-go runner/placemat & lap quilt patterns.

Since I’m always busy each day in my own booth,

we have to go early to walk the rest of the show

or we have no idea what else it there.

We were able to see Moda’s new fabric collections that will be available later this year.

I chose postcards of my favorites…

Lella Boutique has a beautiful, soft collection with pretty greens & blues that I liked.

Minick & Simpson’s Northport group looks stunning as their groups always do.

I love the neutrals of Primitive Gatherings’ Urban Farmhouse Gatherings.

Betsy Chutchian’s Sarah’s Story has some of the same colors

as her Savanna’s Scraps so it would be easy to use the two groups together.

Sandy Klop’s Bubble Pop is adorable.

She put my black & cream polka dots in this collection!!!

I guess I’m not the only one who thinks her rainbow colors

are only made better with black & dots…

You’ll definitely be seeing me use those!

I fell in love with some fabrics at the Diamond Textiles booth too.

Their prints & yard dyed fabrics look beautiful together!

I love their yard dyed fabrics with prints woven into them.

So much texture & color range!


Wish I could take the booths home with me.



That would certainly make some decisions easier!


They’re all so inspiring!

All too soon we’re back home & back to work.

Where does the time go???

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

I hope it includes some quilting time!

Just Keep Sewing…





A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #16

Week # 16

Not much more to make for this pretty Christmas quilt.

We’ll finish the applique this week.

This week is “Stockings” week.

Refer again to page 6 to make the 2 stocking blocks.

Whatever applique technique you used for the mittens

you’ll want to use this week too.

I’m curious if anyone quilting along with us

is intimidated with applique?

If so, did you push yourself to do it anyway?

I hope that the little bits of different techniques in this quilt

have been fun & hopefully you’ve learned something too.

Nothing I do is hard.

It may be time consuming, but not hard!

Please keep posting your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

I love to see your progress.

Just Keep Sewing…




A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #15

Week # 15

We’re moving right along with this pretty Christmas quilt.

Aside from the sawtooth border,

the piecing is complete!

This week is “Mittens” week.

Refer to page 6 to make the 4 little mitten blocks.

I’ve written the instructions for freezer paper applique.

Ever since I’ve become the Dresden Diva,

I prefer to make most all of my applique

with the turned edge of the freezer paper technique

so that it matches the center circles of the little Dresden plates.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s really quick & easy.

The Appliquick Bars really help!

Make whatever applique style that you prefer.

Please keep posting your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

I love to see your progress.

Just Keep Sewing…




Quilt Show, Quilt Show Vendor

Just A Few Spots Left In My Class At The 2019 Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival

Have you made plans yet to attend this year’s 

Kansas City Quilt Festival?

There are only a few spots left in my Dresden Love quilt class.


This class is scheduled for Thursday, June 13 3:00-6:00.

You’ll be able to see the show & shop all day,

then relax and make a Tiny Dresden quilt at 3:00!

I also have a demo where you can sit, relax & learn

on Friday June 14 at 3:00.

I will be there all weekend to demo

& sign books in our booth

so I hope you put it on your calendar!

You can see all of the happenings for the weekend,

sign up for classes &

see host hotels, etc. here on their site.

I love that the hotels are either just next door

or around the corner and parking is free!

It’s convenient to get to;

just off the interstate in KC.

Hope to see you there!

Just Keep Sewing…


A Giveaway!, A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #14 & A Give-Away!

Week # 14

We’re now well past the half way mark on this pretty Christmas quilt.

Hopefully you’re keeping up,

because you’re going to LOVE this quilt!

If you’re like me, you won’t be able to wait

until Thanksgiving is over to hang it!

This week is probably the quickest & easiest one yet.

This week is “Pinwheel Block” week.

Refer to page 6 to make the 4 tiny pinwheels.

This step is so simple

the instructions take less than half a page!

If you’re like our family,

you have a lot of graduations in the next week (or month),

so it’s the perfect time for just a bit of sewing.

Our oldest daughter will be graduating this weekend

with her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Family Nurse Practitioner degree.

We also have 4 nieces that will be receiving

various college degrees either this weekend or next

& 2 cousins that will be graduating

from high school later in the month.

Lots of parties, yay!

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend too.

Our son has a birthday this week…

It’s a busy time of year,

so, thanks for sewing along with me!

If you’re making the 4 small quilts instead of the one large one,

this will be the last of the piece work for you.

Next week we’ll move on to the applique.

And since we will soon be working on the borders…

Did you notice that I now have Thangles on my website???

They are what I use to make all of the little

half square triangles in my quilts.

Since we will need 1″ finished half square triangles

for the border of the large version of this quilt,

I’m going to give a set to 2 of you who are quilting along with me!

Just post your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

You don’t have to be caught up,

but you have to join my FB group & show a pic

of what you have made so far.

I will pick a winner Mother’s Day night,

so you have until then to post your pic or pics!

To help me remember, I’ve hung the 2 packs on my super cute hangers

in an obvious place to remind me to draw for the winners!

In case you don’t hear from me by Monday,

feel free to remind me.

I’m also getting ready to head to Spring Quilt Market in KC next week.

So much to do & remember too!

Just Keep Sewing…




New Notion

Thangles Now Available On My Website

In recent months,

I’ve had several requests for my favorite notion

for making half square triangles,



They make a somewhat tedious task fast & fun!

For just $6.00 +shipping they’re a bargain!

While visiting Mary & Patrick’s Thangles booth

at the AQS quilt show in Paducah last week

I also noticed this interesting ruler.

Although I’m not a “ruler guru” I was intrigued.

It fits perfectly on a jelly roll strip

& helps to cut many sizes of rectangles (or squares if you like).

I only sell notions on my website that I use with my patterns, but…

I have these now too.

I guess I’ll just have to get busy &

make a reason to use this cool new ruler!

The ruler & Thangles are now on my website here.


if you’re sewing my A Merry Christmas To You pattern with us

& you’re making the large version of the quilt,

you’ll want the 1″ Thangles in the upcoming weeks.

Just Keep Sewing…


A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #13

Week # 13

Are you keeping up with our Christmas Quilt-Along?

Are you having fun?

I hope you’re doing both!

This week is another quick & easy one.

This week is “9 Patch Block” week.

Again refer to page 5 to make the little 9 Patches.

These instructions are also very simple

so they take the other half of the page from last week’s star blocks!

You’ll see that you need 8 red, 7 green & 2 blue blocks.

They’re scattered across the quilt so I included the illustration

to quickly show you where they are in the quilt.

It will probably take more time to cut the fabric

than to actually make these blocks!

Either way, I hope you enjoy this week’s work.

Please keep posting your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

I love to see your progress.

Just Keep Sewing…