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Yet another Moda loving moment

Did I ever tell you the reason I quilt is so my family doesn’t accidentally die in a fabric avalanche?

Well, it’s true.

My name is Susan and I have a fabric addiction.

I didn’t get it from my mother, she still has hers…

Perhaps I have mine & my sister’s since she also learned to sew from our mom, but she hasn’t been afflicted with the fabric thing.


So when a box like this shows up,

Moda+Box+1-14although I ordered it and I know what’s inside,

it’s like Christmas morning and I’m a kid again!

I know Christmas is now over,

but in my world it’s just starting

or really it never ended because I’ve been working on new

Christmas designs since I got home from fall market…

The new Moda Christmas fabric samples are now available.

Let me introduce Winterlude by 3 Sisters for Moda due in quilt shops in June:

Winterlude+watermarkChristmas is my most favorite season and my most favorite reason to quilt.

Next is Through the Winter Woods by Holly Taylor for Moda due in quilt shops in May:

Through+the+Winter+Woods+1-14I guess it’s the red/green combination that I’m drawn to, not sure.

What I do know is that I have plane tickets for Chloe & me to go to Pittsburgh on May 14, where spring market is this year and I have a lot of work to do!

Do you have any requests of patterns you’d like to see?

I’ve been working on small Christmas quilt designs.

I had so many shops comment on my mini Vintage Play quilt at market.

VP+miniMy new designs aren’t this small,

but I thought I’d start there and see where else the spirit leads me!

Do you get inspired by the fabric?

Not sure where I’m heading, but it’s going to be with some lovely fabric!

Thanks, Moda!

Until next time,


My Life

Best Birthday Ever!

When it comes to birthdays, everyone is different.

50 sucks-blows-bites(note: the little signs say 50 Sucks, Bites & Blows…)

I personally think they’re a lot of fun.

My family in particular likes to celebrate them,

and this year, since it was a big one for me,

they really did that!

It was a surprise party for me.

I had no clue.

I didn’t want a party.

My DH turned 50 last summer, and we had a party for him, so it seemed like it would be a bit redundant.

It wasn’t!

They went all out and reserved a new tea room,

invited all my friends,

and were able to keep it a surprise up until the very moment we turned onto the street.

We were supposedly on our way to church, a typical Saturday evening for us,

but when we passed up our church and instead turned a couple of blocks later,

I knew right away what was going on then.

I have no clue how they pulled it off without anyone slipping, even a teeny bit.

My only out-of-state brother came!

My out-of-town college roommate who I’ve remained close with all these years came too!

We talked, we ate, we had a lot of fun!

I got cash, gift cards, flowers, candy, jewelry,

& these:

50 yrs old basketIt’s no surprise to you I’m sure that I have quilting friends.

Two of my designer friends sent me a box,

& in that box was a fat 1/4 of red & white fabric, thread & cash to add more fabric

along with a challenge!

I have to send them a photo of a finished project by July 15, 2014.

Another designer friend sent me the tiny red, white & black 9 patches.

They go perfectly with the red & white fat 1/4 & my Vintage Play black road dashes plus she included my Vintage Play red tonal numbers in the center of each block!

Whoever said getting old is no fun?

I disagree!

I plan to just keep sewing…

Now you know what I’ve been doing.

I’m busy getting old!

Until next time,


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Quilt Shop Day – Saturday, January 25, 2014

Have you heard?


The second annual “Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day” is Saturday, January 25, 2014!

It’s a great way to support your local quilt shop around the world.

You don’t need to do anything special,

BUT if you

visit a participating quilt shop,

photograph yourself there & add a caption of why it’s your favorite shop,

then upload the image to


you will be entered for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree in that store!

You (& your friends) can vote on the website once a day during a six-day period

following January 25.

Winners will be announced in early February.

Sound like fun?

If you don’t wish to do the photo thing,

just go visit your local quilt shop anyway and pick out a new project for the new year.

Tell them I sent you!

Until next time,