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Tired of Singing La La…

I can only partly remember the story my grandma used to tell us, but the part that has lived on in my memory is “I’m tired of singing la, la.”

So the story goes…

She was rocking someone to sleep and to help lull them she was singing, “La, la. La, la.” over & over.

Apparently the little tyke she was singing to wasn’t tired enough to be lulled to sleep, but instead into annoyance, when they announced, “I’m tired of singing “la, la!””

Well, it’s a story that hit my grandma’s funny bone and she told it over and over.

Consequently, as I was growing up, when someone in my family was tired of doing something we would announce

“I’m tired of singing la, la!!!”

trees 4-13

Among other designs that I’ve been working on with my “Christmas Countdown” fabrics,

I’ve been making a whole forest of trees.

Big trees,

large trees 4-13

Little trees,

small trees 4-13

Pretty trees,

med trees 4-13

(special trees, Here comes Winter book…)

Don’t get me wrong, they’re quick & easy, but I made so many prototypes

asst trees 4-13

and then designed a few quilts to make with the blocks.

Now that I’m getting to make the finished blocks for the pattern sample

it feels a bit redundant…

stacked trees 4-13

..more & more trees, 44 trees…

(Dr. Seuss book…)

Pretty sure I could make trees in my sleep!

Perhaps is delirium? sorry…

The quilt will have 36 medium trees, 40 small trees and a bonus table runner will have large trees,

but that number has yet to be determined.

I’ll be putting these into one of my signature Quilt-as-you-go lap quilt patterns.

Now to start counting sashing strips.

What are you working on?

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Tired of Singing La La…”

  1. I am putting together blocks of Delectable Mountains…made too many when I did a border and I have enough of these blocks to make an entire quilt out of them!! I’m also quilting a quilt for my MIL…beautifully cross-stitched and embroidered and marked for hand quilting…dot to dot quilting with my longarm is not my favorite!!! I’m tired of singing la la!!

  2. I love your story! You must think these trees are singing “La-la-la” at you in a Wizard of Oz kinda way (or maybe that’s the smurfs )! :) I’m currently not sewing but chipping 1969 adhesive off a concrete floor that will hopefully soon be my sewing room. I”m screaming LALALA!!!!

  3. I have a similar pattern I am working on. 3 paper pieced trees in a table runner! Yours are cute cute

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