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Me, a Millionaire?

My favorite of favorite TV shows is, hands down, Antiques Roadshow.  I love watching to see if someone’s treasure is actually worth something, or if it only has personal value.  I have fun guessing out loud what the item could be worth and when I guess it right, my family swears I’ve seen that particular episode before.  OK, I’ve probably watched too many episodes when I can guess exactly how much something is worth, but really they’re just guesses.  And usually the appraisers kind of give it away. Well, it’s one thing when Great Aunt Gert’s antique turns out to be valuable, it’s not like they’re going to sell it anyway. BUT being the junker that I am, I’m a lot more excited when that $2-$10 garage/estate sale item turns out to be worth thousands or even better, tens of thousands of dollars.  That’s why last week when I helped our church sort donations for a rummage sale, and noticed the painting of a clown set amongst other priceless treasures, I decided I needed it. I first of all couldn’t believe another sorter of said treasures didn’t choose to take it home themselves instead of putting it with other like treasures, or better yet, someone else gave it away!!!   I’m sorry to admit that I know nothing about paintings.  The only thing I knew is that this was an original work of art.  The paint is a bit crackled, but if I put $1,000 into it for restoration, that could increase the value upwards of another $10,000. I couldn’t read the signature. Can You? 

Then, when I turned it over, thankfully there was a plate, and that I could read, sort of!

It says the painter’s name is Braun, I think, it’s a bit worn.  He was born in Italy, 1934.  I tried to find out something about him online, but found nothing.  I would assume he is still living.  Perhaps when I have more time, and drive, I will try again to find out more about this artist. 

For now, I’m content with the idea that this is as close as I will come to owning a Rembrandt, Van Gogh, or any other valuable painting.  That’s OK with me.  He’s a cute little clown.  The true value is really what it means to the owner, right?

Until next time,