Hot Tips

Hot Tip Tuesday #11, Batting Behind your Stitching to Hide Thread Tails

Have you ever done hand embroidery work and been disappointed that the tails of your threads show through the fabric?  There’s an easy fix to this, and I’ve been using it on all of my “In Season” patterns. Check them all out on my website.

They each have a bit of hand embroidery on them, and I have a tendency to stitch in black.  This really plays havoc with a light background fabric, and obviously every color is lighter than black!

As described in each pattern, to alleviate this problem, just cut a piece of batting a bit larger than your background fabric. Baste this batting to the fabric. I use straight pins. It takes very little time to do this stitching, so I don’t want to take more time than necessary to baste. For bigger projects I would use safety pins.

Stitch as usual, securing your thread behind the batting.  This is a peek at my latest creation, “In Season for patriotism”.  Coming soon to a quilt shop near you!

Even trailing letter to letter doesn’t show, and I’m using #8 (thick) perle cotton black thread!!!

I hope you’re getting lots of quilting done during this cold, snowy winter!

Until next time,