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Hot Tip Tuesday #15, Civil War Block of the Week- quick little project

At my guild meeting this morning a group of us were chatting about Barbara Brackman and how I’ve been following her Civil War Quilts blog this year.  This being the 150 anniversary of the start of the Civil War, Barbara has started a special blog to showcase an 8″ block each week.  The pattern is on the blog as well as links to some of its history. 

By clicking this photo you too can be drawn into her love of history,and FABRIC!  I own several of Barbara’s fabric collections and books. As a matter of fact I have a new quilt being quilted right now that will hang in my booth at Salt Lake City in May at Spring International Quilt Market made from one of her fabric collections!  Come to think of it, I have a second quilt in progress with another of her collections.

I’d be the first one to tell you I never did like history, but with the introduction of all of the lovely civil war era reproduction fabrics and all the quilting books being written I’m hooked!

No, I’ve not started the blocks. With all the sewing I’m doing to get ready for market I don’t feel I have the time, but I’ve sure been tempted many times. 

Perhaps it’s a quick little weekly project that you would be interested in?

Until next time,



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