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Hot Tip Tuesday #16, Filling bobbins before starting a project

There are lots of things to like about sewing, but on my mind right now is something that isn’t fun.  I don’t like running out of bobbin thread when I’m in the middle of a project and then have to stop and wind a new one.  It’s especially bad when I’m using a different color of thread in the bobbin than I’m using on the top of my machine, ugh!  I have to unthread the machine and thread it with the bobbin thread, then unthread it again… When I’m machine quilting is when I find this most annoying. I’m moving at a fast pace and want to just get done. 

To make this not quite as annoying, I try to wind enough bobbins to complete my project before I even start.

And where have I found to best keep all my bobbins? 

 My favorite is a small Plano plastic box. It’s actually a fishing notion from my husband’s den.  He had an extra when I was looking for a change in my bobbbin storage. It’s see-through, durable (it’s bound to get dropped at least a few times), and it keeps the dust out since I keep it handy right next to my machine and not in a drawer.

I actually have a few more bobbins than will fit into just one box…  I’ve found that bobbins are relatively inexpensive and prefer to have full or partly full bobbins of lots of colors ready to sew.  Again, nothing more annoying that needing to rewind bobbins in the midddle of a project!

Until next time,