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Hot Tip Hiatus…

I know it’s been a while since I posted a tip for Hot Tip Tuesday and today is no different!  Sorry?  No, not really.  I’ve been consumed with “other stuff” these past weeks and now that my post-market business is FINALLY caught up, my son’s graduation and party have passed and I have no immediate obligations to tend to except the usual day-to-day family & business stuff, well, I decided to start a new project!

Over the weekend I had a bit of time before needing to go to a graduation party.

 I started cutting…

I cut 4 strips and layered them up. 

 With my new template you can cut 8 petals lickity split! 

Cut just 3 stacks & you’ll have enough petals for 2 plates (24).

After cutting, I started to sew…

Just sew, trim, turn, press, sew a bit more…


and before you know it you’ve got some pretty Dresden plates!


 This can be addicting!

At this point they remind me of lovely flowers.  I don’t know where this is going, so I’ll just keep sewing…

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Hot Tip Hiatus…”

  1. I love dresden plates and have made them with a similar template, but the whole comes out MUCH bigger. Who makes the template you used?

  2. Hi MaryBeth,

    I designed my template myself! It fits a 9″ finished block. You can find the template for sale on my website for $10.

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