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Patriot Challenge Entries & Winners

It was fun to see the entries of our patriotic challenge, nine in all.

We had a swap (well, most of us…I physically set up the swap and swapped the pieces for everyone but myself!) We then used those 24, 5″ cream squares, 24, 5″ blue squares, and 20, 2-1/2″ x 21″ red strips to make a quilt adding whatever we wanted to.  The only stipulation for joining the challenge was that the quilt had to be completely finished.

 I’m always amazed at the vast difference in designs, sizes, and the talent!

 Everything from bed size, lap sizes, wall, table runner and miniature!

We voted for our favorite and every entry got at least three votes. Lady Liberty by our president, Chris Prager, won first place.  The small star quilt which was actually double-sided with the other side being a Tiny Twister quilt by Susanne Randall won second place.  Third place was won by Denise Saksa, with the table runner.

They each won a gift certificate to a local quilt shop.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge too!

Until next time,


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