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We interrupt these new pattern introductions…

I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two and showing you what I worked on during the game last night…

Pretty cute stuff, huh? It’s another sample of my Charm Pack Garland pattern.

I wanted to watch the world series game (Go Cards!!!) and also wanted to work on a few more loose ends for my trip to market in a few days.  So, I decided to take my ironing board, iron and fabric to the livingroom to watch the game with the family…

I started with some charm packs that I bought from my LQS last month (or maybe the month before that), more of that lovely “Amelia” collection.

I pressed them, notice I kept out the black squares to use on another project soon to be revealed.

Then I made the “string” to hold them all together, all while watching Pujols make world series history with three home runs in a single world series that only two other greats have been able to do; Babe Ruth & Reggie Jackson.  But anyway…with this stuff

today I was able to sew this,

Gotta love the pile of color that this makes!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Until next time,


New quilt pattern, Quilt Market

New Pattern #4 for Market

It’s another “In Season” day here at my blog,

and today it’s all about mom.

In Season for Mother’s Day,

You don’t have to make this quilt just for your mom.

Lots of moms would like to hang this quilt on their wall, maybe you?

You could make it for yourself even, I did!

Can you guess what tomorrow will be?

Until  next time,