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A word for the year? How about two?

I have way too much to say and do to narrow my year down to one word!

I like to start the year off with a clean slate:

Since we put Christmas away over the weekend, I’ve been looking at this bare wall in our kitchen.  I’ve been in no hurry to decide what to put up.  The blank shelf has been relaxing in the sunshine we’ve been having here this week…you’d think it was spring here!

Then, little by little…

I added the pretty basket vase I picked up today, then the spools I picked up last week.

Then the non-seasonal quilt that I made testing a pattern of a friend…

Then some tweaking

I’ll do some more tweaking…rearranging of my clean slate and  before you know it, it will be 2013!

Does time seem to fly by as we get older, or is it just me?

Until next time,


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