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Quilting Friends & Old Buttons

Our quilt guild’s biannual quilt show was last week.

It’s always fun to see what our members chose to hang and to shop the vendors!

Unfortunately, this has already been a very sad year for our guild with two of our members passing away during the month of January and two of our members’ husbands also passing away.

One of our founding members, Betty Bowker, passed away on my birthday no less.  She was very generous, kind and especially supportive of my work as a quilter and designer.  Although she had been failing in health for some time now, it’s always sad when a friend passes away.

Like most of us quilters, she had a stash!

At the advice of another of our guild members, her children decided to offer her stash for sale at our quilt show.
Before the show even opened I spotted these.
I’m a sucker for old buttons.
Perhaps it’s the old jars they tend to be collected in,
perhaps it’s all the colors of the rainbow that show up in one place,
perhaps it’s like any other addiction,
cause, unknown!
Our other member and friend that is no longer with us is Norma Highsmith.
She had a very short bout with cancer.  Norma was a very active quilter and guild member.
This is a photo of her that I took at our November night meeting, before any of us knew she was even ill.  She had just completed this quilt that she had taken as a class at our Quilt Away in June 2011.
One thing is for sure, time marches on.
I’m so glad to have known these two ladies.  If not for quilting I would never have known either of them, or been enriched by their generosity, caring and love.
By far the best by-product of quilting!
I will treasure this photo and  these buttons because they will forever remind me of my quilting friends.
Until next time,

1 thought on “Quilting Friends & Old Buttons”

  1. I really appreciate your thoughts on these two ladies. Could not have been said better. What a legacy they gave us.

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