Finishing up a quilt project, My Life


Here you have it, all finished!

I didn’t have to stay up all night.  I was done before 10:00.

I love it!

It’s not what I originally intended, but it looks pretty good in my rocking chair in the living room…

Perhaps it will be a gift to me?

It sounds good, but so does having a gift for an upcoming birthday.

Now, on to Rosemary’s Club and to see what might inspire me next.

Umm, Houston’s Fall Market is just 2-1/2 months away.

Perhaps I should start dwelling on that?

Hope you’re sewing today!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Finito!”

  1. Suzn – love is warm colours looks just what I need to snuggle into downunder as we head to zero…

    Well done -Zuzan

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