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Do you sew for Charities?

Once in a while I slow down enough to realize I should sew a quilt for someone in need.

There are so many good causes to sew for.

Our guild has a regular list for charities and what size quilts they have a need for.

While going through my stash a couple of weeks ago for a guild yard sale,

I came across a panel that was too cute,

but the reason that I bought it had expired and I no longer “needed” it.

When I examined it, I determined that the four individual squares that made up the panel would make very cute preemie quilt centers.

I put it into a pile for future sewing adventures…

Last night I was in between projects and I decided to cut those cute panel squares apart and start to work.

My daughter, Chloe, was home and not doing much, so I asked her if she wanted to join the fun.

She said, “Sure.”

I gave her the opportunity to cut or sew and she chose to sew, so I began to cut…

preemie 2

They went together quickly and turned out so cute (if I must say so myself!).

I didn’t go to sleep until the last stitch of the last binding was complete.

They’re each 18″ square.

(I called our charity chairperson to get the exact measurement requirements.)

They will go to our next guild meeting and from there to one of the St. Louis children’s hospitals where hopefully each one will give a preemie’s parent a little comfort knowing their tiny baby is covered in a quilt we made with love!

Got scraps?

That’s all you need to make a quilt!

Until next time,


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