My Life

The Weather! You can’t get away from it…

It’s everywhere…

I’m just sitting here minding my own business when I get this email, EXHIBIT A:

cold map marking

“It’s like people that brag about being taaaall…” (in a whiny voice: You’ve got mail)

Then I notice Jonathan can’t keep his thoughts to himself either, EXHIBIT B:

believe in something

Lyrics: People talk about the weather (LOL!)
Like it’s always gonna rain
They say it’s getting harder
When’s it ever gonna change?
Take a look at all the flowers in the field
For none were dressed like this (Matthew 6:28-29)

I like to listen to smooth jazz, USUALLY no lyrics…


I’m just going to keep on looking at my Sun(beam) & the stars (3″ finished), EXHIBIT C:

tiny stars

and ignore that white stuff right outside my window!

I hope you’re at least in the blue with me and not the pink,

but if not, just keep sewing.

Perhaps you can pull some warmth from your iron?

Until next time,