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Best Birthday Ever!

When it comes to birthdays, everyone is different.

50 sucks-blows-bites(note: the little signs say 50 Sucks, Bites & Blows…)

I personally think they’re a lot of fun.

My family in particular likes to celebrate them,

and this year, since it was a big one for me,

they really did that!

It was a surprise party for me.

I had no clue.

I didn’t want a party.

My DH turned 50 last summer, and we had a party for him, so it seemed like it would be a bit redundant.

It wasn’t!

They went all out and reserved a new tea room,

invited all my friends,

and were able to keep it a surprise up until the very moment we turned onto the street.

We were supposedly on our way to church, a typical Saturday evening for us,

but when we passed up our church and instead turned a couple of blocks later,

I knew right away what was going on then.

I have no clue how they pulled it off without anyone slipping, even a teeny bit.

My only out-of-state brother came!

My out-of-town college roommate who I’ve remained close with all these years came too!

We talked, we ate, we had a lot of fun!

I got cash, gift cards, flowers, candy, jewelry,

& these:

50 yrs old basketIt’s no surprise to you I’m sure that I have quilting friends.

Two of my designer friends sent me a box,

& in that box was a fat 1/4 of red & white fabric, thread & cash to add more fabric

along with a challenge!

I have to send them a photo of a finished project by July 15, 2014.

Another designer friend sent me the tiny red, white & black 9 patches.

They go perfectly with the red & white fat 1/4 & my Vintage Play black road dashes plus she included my Vintage Play red tonal numbers in the center of each block!

Whoever said getting old is no fun?

I disagree!

I plan to just keep sewing…

Now you know what I’ve been doing.

I’m busy getting old!

Until next time,


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