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Happy 100th Birthday, Margie!

Although you hear of it more & more,

it’s not every day that you can tell someone,

Happy 100th Birthday!

A friend of ours, Margie, is celebrating today.


She’s a lovely lady & has been the host to countless

4th of July parades & potlucks for our family.

Her shady lawn has brought our family so many fond memories

that I couldn’t help but make her a quilt!


Next week you will see the inspiration for this Tiny Dresden Quilt…

We had the pleasure of seeing her just three weeks ago,

& while there she showed me what she was sewing.

Yes, at 100 years old she’s still quilting!!!

Sharp as a tack she is!

How could I not make her a quilt?


Here’s a photo of us girls with the birthday girl.

During the party she told me it was a shame we live so far away.

She’d like me to come over & quilt the day away with her sometime…

We should all be so fortunate as to want to quilt at 100.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday, Margie!”

  1. Oh I wish I was near her too! What a wonderful woman she must be. My quilting started when, at the age of 15, I was asked to spend Saturdays with the Mother of one of my Mum’s friends. Mrs. Lumas was getting older and was forgetful which resulted in some stove burners and ovens left on, medication forgotten or taken twice. I was there to keep her company on Saturdays so the daughter could have some time off. Mrs. Lumas taught me to hand piece and quilt. People said I was sweet for spending time with her, but she gave me a gift that has stayed with me for decades. It is to her that the debt of gratitude is owed. I have always had a fondness for quilters older than me. They never fail to teach me much and always treat me with such love and patience.

  2. What a nice story, Terje. I was close to my grandmother who crocheted like I quilt! She taught me several times to crochet & I made 4-H projects, but it never stuck like quilting has. There is so much that older folks can give the younger generations if the opportunity is just given…

    Got that barn quilt up somewhere yet?

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