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New Year, New Toy

I customarily wait until after Epiphany (January 6th) to undecorate our home.

So, now that Christmas is officially over, with the help of our three kids (# 1’s day off, #2’s Christmas break from college & #3 frigid temps, no school) Christmas got put away today.

Just on the heels of that unpopular task came a friendly Fedex delivery man.

Poor guy, I would not want his job today.

It’s 12 degrees without the wind chill right now!

He brought me this.

Suzn+Quilts+Food+Processor+boxI’m not a foodie but I do watch cooking shows now & then

& occasionally there is a good-looking recipe where a food processor is a must.

Although I have a mini food processor that I’ve used for small tasks over the years, it’s not the same as a heavy duty full-size food processor.

Suzn+Quilts+Food+Processor+assemSo, with the help of my Kohl’s cash, a gift certificate from last year’s birthday from a dear friend, my Kohl’s birthday month coupon (yeah it’s here again) & my Kohl’s reward points, (& some cash…) I decided to buy this on-line over the weekend.

(Now I have more Kohl’s cash to spend.  It’s a vicious cycle!!!)

Suzn+Quilts+Food+Processor+instUnfortunately, I can’t use this thing until I read the manual.

I guess it’ll be a while longer…

That’s OK, I need to find those recipes anyway.

Got any favorite recipes that require a heavy duty food processor?

I’m in the market for some delicious, tried & true recipes now.

Eventually I’m going to get to that new box of fabric!

I can’t wait to show you that.

Until next time,


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