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Spring Quilt Challenge for HQG

Back in January at our annual retreat to Rosemary’s,

I purchased some lovely fabrics to use for an upcoming challenge for our guild.

The focus fabric is

“Silvia’s Sonnet” by P&B.

#SIL2 777MU


The other fabrics are marbles & tone on tone prints that Rosemary had on her remnant shelf.

I bought enough for 10 people to have half a yard of the focus fabric,

& I bought all she had of each of the remnants.

Until I came across the bag of fabrics a week or two ago, I had totally forgotten about them!

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with new patterns;



getting them to quilter,

writing instructions,

getting them tested & edited,

& finally getting the appointment to have them photographed yesterday, yeah!!!

Then last night I received an email from our newsletter editor

asking for info for upcoming newsletter…

So, at 6 a.m. this morning I commenced to cutting these.


If only cutting a bag of fabrics was all it entailed, right?

No, I first had to answer the w’s…

you know,







Unfortunately, nothing is ever as easy as it seems!

I sat down last night & made up the parameters,

then this morning at 6 a.m. I commenced to cutting up the lovely fabric.

Everyone gets a half yard of the focus fabric,

then I cut each remnant into 10 equal pieces.

The yardage varies from piece to piece,

hence the challenge!

The challenge will be limited to 10 members.

We’re to make a finished object; quilt, tote, purse, table runner, or other item.

We will have three months to complete the item.

It will be shown at our July night meeting.

We will vote on our favorite.

There will be prizes!


Look like fun?

I think so.

If you belong to HQG, call or email me to join in the fun.

If you don’t belong to HQG,

make up your own challenge to present to your guild

or group of quilting friends.

I love seeing all the unique projects!

Just keep sewing…


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