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Knee Deep in Red Crosses Today

I can’t believe it’s been a year & a half (no way…) since we celebrated Chloe’s college graduation & in a few weeks we’ll be celebrating Blake’s.

I don’t think I procrastinate, it’s just time flying faster than me!

Nothing like a bit of a reality check for a kick in the pants, huh?

Being a quilter…

I had this cool idea for Chloe’s party.


Until today, this is where cool idea had stagnated for the past 18 months.

Before her graduation I received these lovelies for my 50th birthday from some of my quilting friends & since the colors went together perfectly with this piece of nursing fabric & her signature blocks, I thought this is where the quilt was going. Also, because Chloe spends time with these quilting friends at market with me that would be even more special.


Today though, when I came across this piece of fabric,


I knew it was where this quilt needed to go since this fabric matches Chloe’s living room perfectly. This also leaves my friends’ gifts to do something just for me.


I had these charm packs or pieces of charm packs close by.

Look how perfectly they coordinate with a one of the nurse hats.


This was meant to be!

I’m so excited to get working on this project, finally!

So, I’m marking crosses

(notice I had the guests sign pieces of fabric ironed onto freezer paper with a window cut where they should sign instead of the actual hat shape)


& practicing my stitching.


I don’t want to mess any of these up.

Sadly, three of our relatives that attended the party have passed away since then, including my Mother-in-law just last month.

This is what I treasure about these kind of projects.

My next obstacle is whether to include my block as “Susan R. Marth” or if I should do like David did & sign it “Mom.”

What do you think?


Please don’t tell me to include both because I have an even 48 blocks including just one for me.

Gotta get to work.

Is this procrastinating, Lol???

Don’t tell Chloe, I want her to be surprised.

Plus I may get delayed again so I wouldn’t want to get her hopes up.

Just keep sewing!



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