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Chloe’s Graduation Quilt Finish

With Blake’s graduation party on the horizon I was determined to I finish up Chloe’s graduation quilt.

Remember me showing you?


I already had a spot reserved on my quilter’s list way back last summer for sometime in December, so it worked out perfectly that I was able to finish it up in time.

I got it back from my quilter two nights before Blake’s graduation party just before Christmas & sat down to bind it soon after but I was a bit too busy to instigate a post.

I was excited to be able to show it to our guests that had signed the blocks at Chloe’s party & to give it to her by Christmas.


I really liked the way it all came together after I finally decided on a fabric theme & design.

I love the little nurse caps & the colors look great in her apartment wherever she decides to put it.

I used the EQ Printables for the image in the middle of the quilt.


These are great!

The image is so clear!

Just put the prepared fabric right into your printer like a piece of paper & print.

Next trim the image, keeping the scant 1/4” seam allowance in mind.

I then sewed it into the quilt just like every other piece of fabric.

The hardest part was figuring the sizes to cut the triangles to frame the image which wasn’t hard at all.

The quilt isn’t overly huge, so it can be hung on a wall or draped somewhere.

I’m glad to have it finished especially now that I have a new one on my to-do list!

I did the same thing for Blake’s party, but since he is a history major, his quilt will be patriotic in theme.

(I think, but time will tell…)


I have the fabrics & the signed pieces

now I just need time & inspiration to collide!

Doing anything fun?

I hope so.

Just keep sewing!


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