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Sewing with my Sunglasses again…


When my sewing room is engulfed in sunshine,

I just can’t bear to stay away, ahhhhhhhhhh.

This morning I’m stitching centers.


Recognize the OLD Thimbleberries red???

When I decided on these beautiful new Moda reds from

Barbara Brackman, Betsy Chuchian, & Kathy Schmitz,

 I needed one more & I happened to notice

my most favorite fabric ever matched perfectly!


It’s from Lynette’s Buttermilk Collection.

20+ years old & still beautiful!

I guess we can now call it vintage.

I picked it off my Thimbleberries cart.


I’m stitching a field of poppies.


Doesn’t get much better than this

unless you add a few friends,

but face it, no one I know (besides me) sews before 6 a.m.!

Just keep sewing!


7 thoughts on “Sewing with my Sunglasses again…”

  1. I love sewing in the sunshine! It makes me feel so productive. But I’m more likely to be sewing after midnight than at 6 AM. Happy Stitching!

  2. I am so excited about your Blog post today! I love the dresden plates! Somehow I missed that you had a website – so I visited it! Thank you for the time you gave me and I am anxious to receive the templates and patterns.
    I started out with Thimbleberries pattern and fabrics. Lynette Jensen provides wonderful patterns with a visual and written instructions.
    Thank you again for your time this morning and enjoy the last graduation! Next phase please –grandbabies and more quilts to make! LOL

  3. My sister doesn’t sleep well and frequently sews between 4 and 6 AM! I struggle to get up at 6am!kku

  4. I’ll sew before 6am with you, but only because I’m still seeing from the night before, hehe :). Love your Thimbleberries cart and scrap basket!!!!

  5. Gгeat project. I’ll take a loⲟk later becauѕe i am
    consideгing makiing one in my sеlf. Crafts is actuaⅼly a nice approach tߋ kill sparetime ѕo, Ӏt’s my job tօ sew
    or crocdhet as i have sparetime.

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