New Moda Fabric Collection

New Fabric-Fern Hill

Today’s post comes to you from Fern Hill.


It’s Jan Patek’s new collection by Moda.

This collection is due in quilt shop in September.

Big surprise right; red, green, cream?

Am I redundant or what?


These two remind me of the 1930’s, 1940’s kitchen accessories that I see from time to time.

They’d make cute cobbler aprons like my grandma used to make for my mom and aunts when I was little. When I look back at those aprons I’m amazed at how well she put the binding on them. I don’t know if she used a special foot or if that was just “her thing”, but she did a wonderful job.


The only thing I wish about this collection is that the navy prints were black instead, but I’ll forgive her this time since her last collection had black.

If you remove the greens from the collection it would make nice patriotic quilts too. I plan to do something with that thought in mind.

See, there are even some of her signature star prints.


The navy prints are nice, just not my thing!

fern hill

But those reds, greens & creams… and the big green floral print…


Like Pumpkin Pie that I showed you yesterday, I already have a quilt in mind for these fabrics too.

Can’t wait to cut into these for sure.

Must get back to work!

Just keep sewing…


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