Dresden Plates, My Life

Petal Work Progress

As of this morning, this is the progress that I’ve made

since showing you the 1,600+ cut petals

made with the New Hope Fabric by Jo Morton for Moda Fabrics.


There are 6 half Tiny Dresden plates in each stack,

48, half Tiny Dresden plates in all.

To keep the strings of petals tangle-free & wrinkle-free,

I’ve had Betsy holding them.

She’s very good at her job!

Each string started out as 4 jelly roll strips that I cut into the 41 petals each (160+/-).

This is a VERY busy corner of my room, eh???

This morning, I pulled another string from its resting spot.

See  how wrinkle-free they still are?

It makes them much nicer to work with when they’re not wrinkled or tangled.

Anything to make the task less annoying is what I’m all about!

A while back I started wondering why I still cut the strings apart with scissors… no more!

It’s much quicker to cut them apart with my rotary cutter (of course!).

I cut off about a dozen at a time

and trim the seam allowance with my rotary cutter, duh!

Why didn’t I do this earlier?

I don’t think I’m lazy,

I just like to do things the quickest

& least annoying way possible!

Once trimmed, the petals are tossed into one of many cutlery trays.

This keeps the petals from escaping to oblivion when I need to move them to the ironing board in the next step.

Next, I cut off another dozen or so petals from the string

and so on, and so on… until the sting of petals is gone.

All ready for the next step!

Now I must go press, turn, press again, then sew.

A great job for a cold, dreary day.

I think I’ll go pick out a movie to keep me company.

It will make this task more enjoyable.

What are you doing on this chilly day?

Just Keep Sewing…


3 thoughts on “Petal Work Progress”

  1. Susan, I never thought to do that either – am in the middle of making 105 so I l try this the next batch I sew. I was doing one at a time when the light bulb went on! I am making 4 or 5 each of the same color, Now I chain piece all the contracting and all the plain colors and doing the hand thing. Then I do the Pressing of the Points and it is going so much faster!!! I may have a difficult time with getting them sewn so close together as my Designer likes space between these little puppies. Will let you know if it works for me! I did learn how critical that the 1/4″ at the fold has to be the same, otherwise – PROBLEMS! So for our foggy morning – waiting for a cold front tomorrow – I will be doing the same as you MINI’s. Maybe I need to use my Featherweight to sew them – had not thought of that either, but my D1 provides a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance.

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