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Happy New Sewing Year 2019!

Happy New To You!

I hope the new year brings you good health, prosperity

& lots of sewing time too!

Not yet this year,

but the past two days

I’ve been catching up on some very delinquent sewing of Robin’s Wreaths:

I have the applique of the 2 blocks from the November issue done.

I have the applique of the 2 blocks from the January issue done too.

My Apliquick Bars are a true blessing!

There are lots of videos online if you need to learn how to use them the way they’re intended.

Since I use them often on the circles of my Dresden plates,

I sometimes have to look at a video to remind myself

how easy it is to do a corner the proper way!

I know, it sounds dumb that I remember it’s easy,

but don’t remember how to do it the easy way!

I no longer hate, despise or abhor freezer paper applique

& I think I do a pretty nice job too!

Wondering a bit why I’m punishing myself by making a tiny version…

(I chose to not enlarge the design,

but instead using it at the scale printed in the AG magazine)

& LOVING the results.

I’d also like to thank Diet Dr. Pepper…

I hope you’re able to squeeze in some happy sewing time!

Best Wishes for 2019!

Thanks for sewing with me & supporting Suzn Quilts!

Just Keep Sewing…


1 thought on “Happy New Sewing Year 2019!”

  1. Much as I would’ve loved to jump on board with these wreaths, look how hard it is for me to keep up with DWQ. I surely wish I could sew faster! Hahaha!

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