A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #6

Week # 6

Are you sewing my “A Merry Christmas To You” quilt with us?

Thanks to those of you who joined “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

I’m loving seeing those Tiny Dresden plates.

We’re making more Tiny Dresden plates this week, yay!

5 more,

& don’t forget…

spray & press each & every fabric

with Mary Ellen’s Best Press.

Someone asked me yesterday if I use more Best Press during assembly

so I want to mention it to you here.

I spray & iron all of my fabrics with Best Press before I begin.

Then after each plate is completely sewn into the circle

I spray both sides with Best Press again

(with the single finger pump bottle because it sprays a much finer spray than the hand pump bottle. I use the hand pump bottle for spraying yardage.)

then I press the plate from the back side.

After the plate has completely dried

after removing the freezer paper template,

I spray it again,

front & back

then press it again from the back side.

This helps the plates lie nice & flat

when glued to the background square.

They’re not stiff, just flat!

When the plate is nice & flat it glues easily to the background square

which makes it easy to applique around, yay & yay!

No stress, just fun :)

Today you need to choose fabrics for the next 5 Tiny Dresden plates

including background fabrics.

Follow the instructions on page 3.

You’ll need 12 petals, 1 background square & 1 center for each block.

Hopefully you’ve already printed off the free color-in sheet I offered earlier.

If not, it’s on my website for you to download & print.

Just Keep Sewing…




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