A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #12

Week # 12

We’re moving right along on our Christmas Quilt-Along.

I hope you had a nice Easter &

since last week’s sewing was minimal,

I also hope that you’re up to date on your quilt progress!

Remember last week that I mentioned the “hard work” was done?

I wasn’t kidding.

This week is “Star Block” week.

Refer to page 5 to make the cute little blocks.

The instructions are so simple that they only take half a page!

I made 9 red star blocks & 1 blue star block.

If you’re wondering why one blue star block,

the answer is “because!”

Don’t ask dumb questions.

It needed a blue star block right there!

Please keep posting your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

I love seeing your progress.

Enjoy sewing stars.

Just Keep Sewing…




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