A Giveaway!, A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #14 & A Give-Away!

Week # 14

We’re now well past the half way mark on this pretty Christmas quilt.

Hopefully you’re keeping up,

because you’re going to LOVE this quilt!

If you’re like me, you won’t be able to wait

until Thanksgiving is over to hang it!

This week is probably the quickest & easiest one yet.

This week is “Pinwheel Block” week.

Refer to page 6 to make the 4 tiny pinwheels.

This step is so simple

the instructions take less than half a page!

If you’re like our family,

you have a lot of graduations in the next week (or month),

so it’s the perfect time for just a bit of sewing.

Our oldest daughter will be graduating this weekend

with her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Family Nurse Practitioner degree.

We also have 4 nieces that will be receiving

various college degrees either this weekend or next

& 2 cousins that will be graduating

from high school later in the month.

Lots of parties, yay!

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend too.

Our son has a birthday this week…

It’s a busy time of year,

so, thanks for sewing along with me!

If you’re making the 4 small quilts instead of the one large one,

this will be the last of the piece work for you.

Next week we’ll move on to the applique.

And since we will soon be working on the borders…

Did you notice that I now have Thangles on my website???

They are what I use to make all of the little

half square triangles in my quilts.

Since we will need 1″ finished half square triangles

for the border of the large version of this quilt,

I’m going to give a set to 2 of you who are quilting along with me!

Just post your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

You don’t have to be caught up,

but you have to join my FB group & show a pic

of what you have made so far.

I will pick a winner Mother’s Day night,

so you have until then to post your pic or pics!

To help me remember, I’ve hung the 2 packs on my super cute hangers

in an obvious place to remind me to draw for the winners!

In case you don’t hear from me by Monday,

feel free to remind me.

I’m also getting ready to head to Spring Quilt Market in KC next week.

So much to do & remember too!

Just Keep Sewing…




1 thought on “A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #14 & A Give-Away!”

  1. My favorite part of quilting is appliqué. My choice of your new patterns is the Dresden feathered star. I purchased your pattern for the large and small dresdens in the same quilt. love it.

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