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New Patterns Spring 2019 Susanna & New Pattern Give-Away!

My next & last new pattern that I want to introduce to you is


I know what you’re thinking,

“Why didn’t she put MORE little Dresden plates on this quilt?”, right? Lol

Susanna started with the “Susanna” collection by Betsy Chutchian for Moda.

I decided to start with 2 of the blues to make Tiny Dresden plates.

Chain piecing is the best!

It’s a great time to let your mind wander

or listen to a good movie that you’ve watched over & over again.

The time passes quickly as I watch the Tiny Dresden plates emerge.

Soon I was auditioning more fabrics to join my TD plates.

If I’m not absolutely sure of all of the fabrics

I will make just one center (not even applique it down)

then make fabric decisions.

Once I narrowed that down,

I went to “work” making the center circles for all of the TD plates.

Not work at all, really.

I love to make the TD centers!

I know, how weird am I???

As a matter of fact,

I offered to make Loraine, one of my pattern testers’,

centers for the TD’s she was making to test my Jellyroll Gemstones pattern.

It took less than an hour

since I had the circles already cut in my little canister.

Pressing then cutting them into strips for easy trimming is key.

With a movie on, the time flies by!

Now before the rest of my pattern testers get in an uproar,

I’m happy to make your centers for you too!

Aren’t these fabulous?

Once my design was ironed out I needed to make a few more TD’s.

Have I told you lately that I actually use my rotary cutter

to cut the string apart & to trim the seam allowance?


It’s so much quicker that using my scissors, but you better be careful!

Concentration is key…

And it doesn’t hurt to have some nourishment nearby at times.

The mindless making of the center circles also lets

my mind think of the next upcoming fabric decisions.

Oh but wait, there are more!

I actually took this project to our retreat at Rosemary’s the beginning of February.

No TV watching here,

just good conversation & good food too!

Aren’t they lovely???

In the midst of this project, Clare, our youngest daughter, bought me this cute cart.

She thought it would look nice in our booth.

It’ll be going with us to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival next week,

but for now it’s looking cute in my sewing room with what’s left of “Susanna”.

More decisions….

and auditions….

and decisions…

and cutting!

Then some organizing.

What a treat for me to relive the process!

My camera is my best friend while I make lots of decisions.

Once I finally liked all of the blocks,

and sewed them together,

I had to make the border fabric decision.

And that decision led to

more Tiny Dresdens!!!

They’re just what the corners of this quilt needed.

I love the addition of the corner blocks.

They really add a lot don’t you think?

It breaks up all of the blue

and gives your eye something else pretty to see.

After Tamara once again did a lovely job of quilting it for me

Nemo & I set it up to be photographed by Scott.

I love the process more than actually having the finished quilt.

How about you?

What’s your favorite part?


Wanna win one of my 3 new patterns?


Your choices are either Dresden Feathered Stars,


Jellyroll Gemstones,

or Susanna.

Just leave me a comment telling me

1. What’s your favorite part of the quilting process?


2. What’s your favorite of my new patterns?

I’ll give 3 lucky quilters their choice!

I’ll pick the winners Sunday at 6 p.m. CST.

Until then,

Just Keep Sewing…










30 thoughts on “New Patterns Spring 2019 Susanna & New Pattern Give-Away!”

  1. My favorite part of the quilting process is seeing each individual block come together. Especially the scrappy ones, which are my favorite. My favorite of your new patterns is Dresden Feathered Stars with Jellyroll Gemstones a close second. Love your blog and to see your process. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  2. My favorite parts of the quilting process are 1) deciding on which pattern to make, 2) selecting the fabrics, 3) cutting out the pieces and parts, 4) sewing the blocks together and 5) Seeing a Finish that is ready for quilting! I have now made 2 of your quilts, just about finished with the QAL – ready for borders. I love the Jellyroll Gemstones! I have just finished 9 feathered star blocks with McCloske and think I am done for this year with feathered stars. Your patterns are so easy to follow, AND they turn out perfect! That says a lot based on some other patterns I have tried. Have a great time at the Show!

  3. Susanna, Susanna, Susanna!! Gorgeous!!
    Color choice got me , can not wait to see you in Kansas City next week.
    I enjoy the planning of color and cutting. Love to see the piles add up .
    Is that a sheltie or a collie in the picture?
    Love shelties, our 5th one is now 13 and 9 months.

  4. Piecing the quilt top is my favorite part of the quilting process. Jellyroll Gemstone is my favorite of the new patterns.

  5. I love selecting the pattern and fabric and seeing it finished. Dresden Feathered Stars is my favorite new pattern.

  6. My fav part is sewing the Dresdens together!!!!
    My fav is Susanna- I love Blue!!!!

  7. I like the whole quilting process, but it depends on what mood I am in as to which process I want to do at that time. I am torn between your Dresden Feathered Star and Jellyroll Gemstones patterns.

  8. Jellyroll Gemstones is my favourite pattern from your new collection and my favourite part of the quilting process is making the first cut. My work area is clean, the fabric choices made and I get to enjoy cutting the fabric down into smaller pieces that will miraculously join together to form not just a piece of art but something that will bring warmth to the receiver of this gift.

  9. I love putting the colors together. Then the process of the quilt coming together. I am addicted to the dresdens. My favorite is jellyroll gemstones. Thank you for all you do for us.

  10. I love them fabric selection most. Picking and choosing just the right shade of color. I love all your patterns but I am partial to your Jellyroll gemstone. Thanx for the opportunity to win
    Vickie in Oklahoma

  11. My favorite part is seeing how the prints cut up and sometimes what you think will work doesn’t. My favorite pattern is the Dresden feathered stars. Envious of how you seem to masd produce Dresden plates.

  12. I love piecing the quilt blocks together and hand sewing the binding. It’s very relaxing. I love your Dresden Feathered Stars pattern. Just beautiful!

  13. i think I would have to say I like the piecing of quilts the most. It was a hard decision, though, since I like everything from picking the fabrics to quilting the quilt on my domsew. Jellyroll Gemstones.is my favorite.

  14. Some people think I’m crazy but I love sewing the binding on. It’s the last step to being finished and it’s so relaxing and exciting! I love all three but my favorite is Jellyroll Gemstones!

  15. My favorite part of the quilting process is picking out the fabric to go with the quilt. My favorite new pattern is Susanna.

  16. My favorite part of quilting is piecing the blocks. All three of your patterns are beautiful but my favorite is the Dresden Feathered Stars – just stunning!!!

  17. Dresden stars love the Dresden pattern! Maybe it’s the reason I love 🌻’s!

  18. I love choosing fabric for my quilts, it’s my favorite part. I think the Dresden feathered star is stunning.

  19. My favorite part of the quilting process is sewing the pieces together. It’s peaceful and clears my mind! I love Susanna! Blue is my color and your pattern is beautiful. Looking forward to your class in Kansas City. :-)

  20. Hi Susan! My favorite step is the binding as that means I have finished all of the other steps and I will soon have a finished quilt!!
    Fell in love with Susannah the moment I saw it!!

  21. I love piecing the quilt top! All of your patterns are beautiful!!! I love dresdens!
    My favorite would be Dresden Feathered Stars!
    Thank you!

  22. My favorite part of the Quilting process is adding appliqué to the piecing part of my quilt. I love to add these Dresdens to ea quilt somewhere in my quilt, kinda like a “signature”.

    My favorite pattern of yours is the SAL Christmas quilt. I have loved it since the first time I saw it♥️ It’s so me

  23. My favorite part of the quilting process is piecing the blocks and watching the pattern take shape.
    My favorite of your new patterns is Susanna.

  24. I love the Susanna quilt, as I am a huge fan of blue quilts!! And Dresden plates!!

  25. My favorite part is seeing the blocks together. That means all the little petals are all put together to form the plate. My favorite of your new patterns is Susanna. I love the colors you did it in.

  26. Favorite part of quilting is the choosing of pattern and fabric and getting started. But I do love all of the process.

    As far as a favorite of your new patterns, that is much harder. I haven’t met one of your designs that I don’t just absolutely love. First place of these three would be the Jellyroll Gemstones.

    Can’t wait to meet you at the KC Regional event next week.

  27. My favorite part of the process is picking the fabric and then seeing the finished block hoping my fabric choices were what I thought the block would look like. I really love your new Dresden Feathered Star. What a great new way to show a tiny Dresden in this classic block. Thanks for the opportunity.

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