A Merry Christmas To You Quilt-Along

A Merry Christmas To You, Quilt-Along Week #21

Week # 21

Now that the quilt sections are all assembled,

if you’re making the 4 small quilts,

layer them with backing & batting then quilt as desired.

Bind the quilts & apply labels; you’re done!

If you’re making the 1 large quilt,

refer to page 8 to make 154 half-square triangles.

I know that seems like a BIG number,

but that’s just 22 hst’s for each of the 7 days this week!

I’m pretty sure I made them all in 1 day, plus assembled the rest of the quilt too.

(insert cracking whip sound here)

Remember, you’re going to love this quilt when it’s

quilted and hanging on your wall every Christmas!!!

Looking back at the pics I can’t believe that

not only did I make this very detailed quilt,

but I made it again so I could have the

4 individual quilts photographed for the pattern cover too!!!

That must have been temporary insanity

that came over me while I mindlessly pieced the little Dresden plates.

“This ain’t so bad”, the crazy lady said!

Please keep posting your progress on our “Sewing With Susan” Facebook group.

Just Keep Sewing…




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