Mystery Quilt-Along

The 12 Days of Christmas Tiny Mystery, Day 8

Welcome to

the 12 Days of Christmas

Tiny Mystery quilt, Day 8.

Thanks for sharing those

adorable tiny blocks!

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We’ll make this tiny rail fence block today.

Or if you prefer a Christmas swastika???

This was my first block,

but when I was writing this post it looked more & more like a swastika

so I had to change the fabric placement on block #2!

Welcome to my life…….


  • 1 red, cream & green rectangle 1″ x 9″

Sew them together being sure

(to check color placement first & foremost, lol!)

to press each seam flat as sewn,

then to one side so the seam stays straight.

Note I didn’t change all of these images.

They’re my original block’s construction…

Check to be sure the strip set is straight by laying a ruler over it.

If it’s not perfectly straight,

take & iron it again.

If you sewed straight seams,

you should be able to straighten it out.

Cut strip set into 4 segments 2″ long.

Sew center seam.

Press as sewn, then toward the vertical strips.

See image below.

Sew second seam.

Remove stitches in center seam allowance

then press seam toward vertical strips as shown below.


Better looking finished block!

I took apart the swastika version &

rotated the segments so the red is on the outside of the block.

It really changes the finished block.

Or if you prefer…


Don’t forget to post pics over at my Sewing With Susan Facebook group!

See you tomorrow.

Just Keep Sewing…





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