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April Fool! 1-A-Day, 3″ Blocks — Heart

April Fool!!!


You’re not done yet, lol!


Heart Block


Today we’ll also make this cute heart.

Come on. You can’t be mad at me.

This block is too cute!

More from the scrap basket…




  • 2 pink rec’s. 2″ x 3 1/2″, I think 2 different pinks (or reds) are better than 1!
  • 2 cream sq’s. 2″
  • 4 cream sq’s. 1  1/4″


Sew the 2 cream 2″ squares

on opposite corners of the bottoms 

of the pink rectangles

to make half flying geese units.

I used my “Lazy Susan” technique shown here again.

Press this one toward the triangle.

Press this one toward the rectangle.

This will make the seam nest later.

Sew 2 cream 1  1/4″ squares onto top left corners  

of both pink rectangles.

I did not “Lazy Susan” the 1 1/4″ squares,

I just sewed corner to corner.

I like the stability that the whole tiny square gives to the corner.

Press both seams toward the cream squares.

Sew the remaining 2 cream 1  1/4″ squares

to the top right corners.


Press 1 seam toward the cream square

& the other toward the pink rectangle.

It doesn’t matter which one goes which way.

This will make the seam nest in the final seam.

Sew the 2 segments together

nesting both seams.

I pressed the last seam open to make it lie flat.


Wish all of my points were this perfect!

I love this block

& I love that you’re sewing along with me too!

Show us your blocks at my Sewing With Susan FB Group.

We want to see your progress too!


Just Keep Sewing…


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