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Beautiful Dreamer in Primitive Quilts & Projects & A Give-Away

Do you subscribe to

Primitive Quilts & Projects Magazine?

Summer 2020

If so, you’ve probably already seen my

Beautiful Dreamer

on page 36.

I got my copy yesterday!

Summer 2020

I designed a new “flower” with my 2 templates;

Tiny Dresden Plate


& Mini Dresden Plate.



I think it’s my favorite of all the plates that I’ve created.

It doesn’t hurt that I used a lot of my favorite

Barbara Brackman & Jo Morton prints.


The flowers came first,

then the Tiny Dresden pile of petals.


This is my favorite antique cutlery tray.

I have a few…

It helps ALL of my little petals

get transported from my cutting table

to my ironing board,

to my sewing machine

& back again

without getting lost!



Lots of fun steps involved

but the most important step for making flat plates

is finding the scant 1/4″ seam on your sewing machine.

If you’re unsure,

the Perfect Piecing Seam Guide by Perkins Dry Goods is great.

You can find them on my notions page.

Aren’t the Tiny plates lovely???

BTW, I travel to teach all of my tips & techniques for perfect little plates.




See my workshop/lecture page on my website for pricing, etc.


Making the center circles is a snap with these tools:

  • Apliquick Bars
  • Roxanne Glue-Baste-It or Bohin glue pen
  • freezer paper
  • circle paper cutter
  • Clover’s Bordeaux scissors
  • my Classic Metal Signs plastic coated brochure…


They all help me to succeed with making perfectly round centers!



Let’s not forget the tiny blind hem stitch on my machine

that makes the applique look like it’s done by hand,

except I can do it on my machine in a snap instead of a lifetime!



I have to say making fabric choices

is probably the toughest part of this quilt!

I  always worry about how the fabrics will photograph.



You can purchase a copy of the magazine at

Primitive Quilts & Projects for just $9.99.

Summer 2020

There are a lot of cute quilts in there besides mine!

Want to win a copy???

Leave me a message

(at the top of this post)

telling me:

  1. your favorite of my little Dresden quilt patterns on my website
  2. & also if you’ve ever made a Dresden plate

Can’t wait to hear from you for a chance to win!

Just Keep Sewing…





14 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreamer in Primitive Quilts & Projects & A Give-Away”

  1. “Around the Block” is my favorite; I can see myself making these for gifts in many different colors/fabric themes. I’ve made a couple of Dresden plates and then framed then on lace doilies my grandmother made. One I put in a shadow box as a background for some keepsakes and it was a really special touch.

  2. I fell in love with Dresden Heaven when I saw it made in 30s fabrics at Cobblestone Quilts in Townsend, MA. The owner did a marvelous job making her quilt and I was instantly smitten. I had already bought the templates at another shop and bought the Dresden Heaven pattern from Cobblestones. Unfortunately, I have not yet made it, but am accumulating fabrics that I want to use. (And to be honest, I am a little intimidated at the size).

    I think that your new design, Beautiful Dreamer, will be a wonderful first time venture into making your plates. I already have some Jo Morton fabric that I can use!

  3. Star Spangled Dresdens is my favorite pattern, and I’ve made a few Dresdens! God’s Peace will be my next Dresden project.

  4. I have several of your patterns, but only recently learned to do the Dresden plates when I worked on your 12 Days of Christmas. I am looking forward to starting “Star Spangled Dresden”. They are all so adorable, hard to choose just one, but I think that one is one of my favorites.
    Angela 🧵✂️

  5. I like your Garden Romance pattern the best. I have made a Dresden top, but never finished it. It needs something more, but haven’t found the fix yet.

  6. I like your Dresden Rose of Sharon and Boo patterns! I’ve a few Dresden plates, but not an entire quilt of dresdens.

  7. Do we have to pick a favorite? I have made several of your patterns: just finished God’s Peace and in the middle of your Christmas Joy to the World, with Dresden Heaven and Dresden Sundaes waiting the wings. This is my favorite block and will have to try your new flower too. Thank you

  8. I love your Star Spangled Dresdens. I’ve made your tiny dresden flower pincushion and made a table topper using Susan Cleveland’s technique. I love Dresden plates! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I keep looking at Lollipop Tree and Scrap sensation. Your Dresden Quilt Workshop book has inspired me to make some batik dresdens. Boo is on my list for this summer.

  10. Bitsy Red Heart`s looks a wonderful Dresden pattern and I am in the process of stitching `Merry Christmas to you`.

  11. Love these Dresden flowers & can’t wait to make some myself. Congratulations on your entry in this magazine that is one of my favorites.

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