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1-A-Day, 3″ Blocks — Squared Chain

  Squared Chain Block

Today we’ll make this cutie.

I know what you’re going to say…

“hells no!”

but wait….

It’s really not bad!

Let me show you.

Had lots more fun going through my scrap basket!


Don’t forget the Mary Ellen’s Best Press…


  • 4 cream sq’s. 1  1/2″
  • 1 cream sq. 7/8″ (yes 1/8″ less than 1″!)
  • 2 blue sqs. 1  1/2″
  • 2 blue recs. 7/8″ x 1  1/4″
  • 2 pink sqs. 1  1/2″
  • 2 pink recs. 7/8″ x 1  1/4″


We’ll start with a partial (not “y”) seam.

Sew a pink rectangle onto the center 7/8″ square.

Sew all but the last 1/4″.


Finger press seam away from the cream square.

Next sew a blue rectangle onto the center square.

 My first block is a bit rough around the edges

but it’s going to be trimmed in the end so it’s OK.

I did up-size the rectangles to 1 1/4″ for you.

Finger press all of these seams.

Continue around the center square.

Finger press each seam away from the cream square.

For the last seam I folded down the first seam allowance

to get it out of the way.

Then lined up the last rectangle.

It should fit perfectly.

Sew that seam.

Lastly pin then sew the rest of that first (partial) seam.

(After writing this post I made 3 more blocks

so I added some pertinent details for you.)

To more easily finish the partial seam,

first even up the edge of the tiny block then pin it.

Next put another pin a little further in from the edge.

Put the needle down in the last stitch of the partial seam then finish that seam.

I put my finger on the fabric & it acts like a guide

to hold the fabric where I want it

as the feed dogs pull the fabric through the machine.

This is the back of the center of block #5 before any trimming.

These are #5 & 6 before trimming.


They keep getting better. Before today I’d not made this block either!


Trim the tiny block to 1 1/2″.

This little 4  1/2″Creative Grids ruler is the perfect little square up ruler!

It grips the little fabric block & has the perfect markings

to easily center the block before trimming it.

Block #1

and blocks #5 & 6.

Here’s the back of my second block center.

I learned a bit from the first one.

Arrange then sew the pieces.

A bit more Best Press to finish it off!

The second two were more fun!

I love a good challenge!

So I made 3 more!

This would make an awesome block of any size.


Show us your blocks at my Sewing With Susan FB Group.

We want to see your progress too!


Just Keep Sewing…


2 thoughts on “1-A-Day, 3″ Blocks — Squared Chain”

  1. how many blocks do you plan to do in total?   it looks like your material supply has not gone down.  just wondering.??????????

  2. Hi Cynthia! I’ve not decided how long or how many. My first post was a month ago today!!!
    Who knows how long we’ll be quarantined? Who knew it would even be this long?
    I’ve not made a dent in my scraps let alone my Thimbleberries yardage!
    How long do you want to make the blocks?

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