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1-A-Day, 3″ Blocks — Bitsy Dresden Plate

  It’s Bitsy Dresden Plate Block Day!!!

The day you’ve all been waiting for!

Today we’ll make this adorable, irresistible cutie.

I had more fun going through my Thimbleberries cart!



  • 1 Dresden petal strip 1  1/2″ x 14″
  • 1 background sq. 3  3/4″ (will be trimmed to 3  1/2″)
  • 1 center fabric sq. 1  1/2″
  • 1 freezer paper sq. 1  1/4″


Cutting the petals

If you have my Tiny Dresden Plate Template

you can use it with a bit of retrofitting that I’ll show you below.

Since I’ve modified the template in the past 5 years

to make it easier to use and store

your petal cutting will depend on what version

of my Tiny Dresden Plate Template you have.

Either 1. line up the bottom of “Plate Template” with the edge of the fabric

(don’t cut off the top! extend cutting past the template).

or 2. draw a line 1  1/4″ from narrow edge of template

then align that line with the edge of the fabric strip

(don’t cut off the top! extend cutting past the template).

or 3. print out the pdf below and use that template.



Whichever of the 3 options you decide to use,

cut 12 Bitsy Dresden petals,

rotating the template on the strip.




All seams to be sewn a scant 1/4″.

Use a Seam guide by Perkins Dry Goods

if you’re unsure of where that is on your machine!

Available here on my notions page

along with the rest of the tools that I recommend.


Fold each petal in half right sides together,

then sew from raw edge to fold as shown.

Sew all 12 petals.

Trim away seam allowance as shown.

Press flat as sewn, then turn right side out.

Using That Purple Thang

or other blunt point,

poke out point of petal.

Press again.

Do this for all 12 petals.

Sew 2 petals together (right sides together)

starting 3 stitches from edge,

back stitch to edge, then sew entire seam.

Press as sewn, then press seam open.

This is the only time I trim these seams.

I trimmed them down to about 1/8″

only because if you don’t they’ll be caught in the neighboring seams.

Sew pairs of petals together.


Sew 3 segments together to complete plate.

By extending the petals by 1/4″ when we cut them out

there is no opening in the center,

but that extra 1/4″ made the petals easier to hold onto

while assembling the plate

& also allows for a smaller circle

to be appliqued over the center.


Just 2  1/2″!

Perfect for our 3″ finished blocks.


Trace, then cut 3/4″ circle from the pdf above from freezer paper.

Fuse to wrong side of center fabric.

Cut out fabric with 1/8″ seam allowance.

With Roxanne

or other glue &

Apliquick rods,

glue seam allowance to back side of template.

These tools make my circle almost perfect!

See, no divots!!!

Glue circle to center of plate.

Crease the background square in half both directions.

Align seams of plate with the creases.

Glue plate in place.

Appliqué center to plate with thread matching center

then appliqué plate to background with thread matching plate.

I use a tiny blind hem stitch.

With small, very sharp, pointed scissors,

cut away first the background fabric 1/8″ inside

the center circle appliqué stitches

then cut away the center of the Dresden plate petals.

The freezer paper should prevent you

from accidentally cutting the circle fabric!

Dampen center circle.

Let rest a few minutes then remove paper template.

A slight pull on 2 opposite petals will release the paper template

& it will come right out of the hole in 1 piece!

When dry, press with Mary Ellen’s Best Press.

Trim block to 3  1/2″.


Show us your blocks at my Sewing With Susan FB Group.

We want to see your progress too!



Just Keep Sewing…


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