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Mood-Boosting Activities to Fend Off Winter Blues

It’s that time of year for us.

The days are short & the nights are very long! Most of these days are gloomy, like today… Fortunately for another week we’re so busy with all the Christmas hustle & bustle that we hardly notice, but after Christmas it really kicks in; the winter blues.

So what are we to do?

Redfin has put together a list of mood-boosting activities to do at home and how to begin incorporating them into your routine, one which of course is quilting!

I can think of no better way to spend a cold, dreary day than inside where it’s warm & cozy *with lots of lights on* planning & sewing a quilt!

It’s a great time to start your Valentine or spring quilt.

If you’re reading my blog you probably already quilt,

but don’t miss the recent Redfin article we were featured in: “Mood-Boosting Activities at Home to Fend Off Winter Blues: Indoor Hobbies and Practices.”

Head over to their site & check out their other great suggestions of mood-boosting activities to do at home and how to begin incorporating them into your routine.

pilatesreadingyogapreparing delicious mealsquiltingcreate handmade holiday decor

There you’ll find they’ve included my quick tip,

“There’s no better way to make your home truly yours than by making custom quilts in your own style. Colors, sizes, and designs can be customized for everyone in your home, by everyone in your home. Young children up to adults can join in the creative process and make quilts for beds, walls, and tabletops. – Suzn Quilts

Your days will begin to look brighter even before the first signs of spring.

You can find their blog by clicking here.

Just Keep Sewing…


1 thought on “Mood-Boosting Activities to Fend Off Winter Blues”

  1. We can all use tips to beat the blues. You are so right — January & February are typically very gray months. Nothing like diving into beautiful, colorful fabrics to lift one’s spirits!

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