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Yet Another, 12 Days of Christmas Mystery Quilt-Along!

T’was the day after Christmas & everyone is gone. Not a creature is stirring but the man making ham & beans since before dawn

The kids have all gone home, and taken the babe. She was the light of the party, unanimously the best part of the day!

But now it’s again quiet. We’ve been to Mass & back home. What to do now besides play on the phone?

Get out your fabrics, let’s make our own fun & play. It’s going to be another fun-filled 12 days!

I’ve a design in mind now, it’s small & it’s cute. I hope that you’ll join me, to give the Christmas blues the boot!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Yet Another, 12 Days of Christmas Quilt-Along!

There will be

steps, 1 each day for the 12 Days Of Christmas,

right here on my blog.

Finished quilt is 21.5″ x 23″.

If you have to ask if there will be Dresdens involved, you don’t know me at all… it’s called “a few of my favorite things,” duh!

Go find some of your favorite fabrics & meet me back here later today.

Just Keep Sewing…


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