A Quilt Along

12 Days of Christmas 2022; Day 10

We’re done making blocks!

Day 10 is trunk day!

I’m going to show you a quick & easy way to make the trunks on our tree blocks.

First you’ll need to download the Tiny Tree Trunk instructions here below for the template to trace.

We’ll start with a Tall Tiny Tree.

Trim the Tall Tiny Tree Block out of the instructions page.

With rotary cutter or paper scissors, cut the paper on the trunk lines.

This will allow you to trace right onto the tree blocks,

but first trace a trunk or two onto a scrap so you can practice on it instead of your nice block!

Put a stabilizer behind the piece.

I used a piece of printer paper. It’s easy to remove & no wetting or residue.

Practice stitching on the lines!

I used a satin stitch which is just a zig zag stitch with a very short stitch length & I used 12 wt. Sulky cotton thread which makes nice full stitches. The stitch width is a 2 on my BERNINA but all machines are different so experiment until you like it.

When you like your stitching, lay the template over a Tall Tiny Tree Block, being sure the bottom of the tree aligns with the paper block then trace the trunk with an Ultra Fine Sharpie of pencil.

(Please ignore that my paper block is smaller than my fabric block. I changed your diagram to fit perfectly but had already photographed this step!)

No need for thick lines.


Trim the threads front & back.

Next, peel away the paper!

I don’t think it could be any easier!

After you’ve made the trunks on the 3 Tall Tiny Tree blocks, trim the paper template on the dashed line to align it on the Tiny Tree Blocks.

Again be sure the template aligns with the bottom of the actual tree, then draw the trunk.

Stitch the trunk then trim the threads & remove the stabilizer…

If you prefer, you can also hand stitch the trunks, but this way is so fast & fun!

Show us your finished blocks on my Sewing With Susan FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SewingWithSusan

Just keep sewing…


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