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“Playtime” Quilt Hits Newsstands in Quilt Trends -Winter 2014 issue

I have a new quilt; Playtime.


Of course it’s made with Vintage Play!

It’s featured in Quilt Trends’ Winter 2014 Magazine.


A fun lap quilt using the panel with kids playing,

plus the green border


and a few more prints.


The pillowcase shown is made with the cute dog print in red.


The pattern for the pillowcase can be found here on Quilt Trends’ website

and the quilt kit can be ordered from my website here.

A nice gift for a quilter on your Christmas list???

Until next time,


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New Bed, New Quilt…of course!

I moseyed over to my favorite flea market last week to mark the first day of school.

It’s usually what I do when there’s a ringing in my ears because the house is just too darn quiet!

Ever get that?

I know, I had lots to catch up on and lots more to do, but…

some things just can’t be helped!

I hadn’t been there in over a month, not exactly sure just how long really.

Well, I came out with just a few treasures, least of which a new bed!

I didn’t even know I needed a bed.

That’s my favorite part of going to flea markets, and tag sales.

I never know what I need until I see it!!!

Well this bed could practically fit into my back pocket.

Mini Bed

Instantly I knew I would have to make a quilt for it.

Actually as soon as I saw it on the shelf I knew that I had the perfect idea of a quilt for it.

I already had these:

VP mini trimmed corners

Ordinarily these would go right to the trash as soon as I trimmed them from the flying geese units, but for some reason after I had a neat little pile of them I got the idea that maybe this is the quilt that I will actually make something with those snippets.

The eternal optimist.

So, as I trimmed each flying geese unit for this particular quilt last week, I put all the little pairs of triangles into a baggie.

Last night I emptied that baggie and started sewing.

Girl on a mission.

Mini hst's

Some of them could have been trimmed a bit straighter, a bit larger…

That’s an inch grid marked there, so they’re pretty small to say the least!

This morning I cut them apart then pressed them open.

It was hard to do, but I ignored the inconsistencies of sizes.

I did not square them up.

That was tough, but I knew if they were trimmed perfectly square I would have to throw a lot of them away.

I wanted this to be as large as possible

and literally scraps from making the original quilt.

I next sewed all the tiny half square triangles together,

added a border,

did some quilting,

Mini VP quilt tag

then slipped a selvage tag into the edge before finishing the binding.

Mini VP quilt

At 8″ x 10″ I’m pretty sure it’s the quickest I’ve ever hand stitched a binding in place.

Now I must get back to work!

Until next time,


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Introducing “Vintage Play.” My first Fabric Collection!

At the beginning of the year I told you here that 2013 was going to be a fun year for me

and not just because 13 is my favorite number!

Along with new patterns & books and traveling to new & exciting places,

I’ve designed my first fabric collection!


It’s called “Vintage Play” and it is being produced by Red Rooster Fabrics.

(cute little handmade truck was found in an antique store while we were in Astoria, OR this spring after quilt market)

It has taken a year to get where we are with the collection.

The folks at Red Rooster have been great to work with!

My yardage to create samples came a couple of weeks ago.

Boxes of Vintage Play

It’s not every day that I receive packages from Korea.

Pretty exciting happening…

Pile of Vintage Play rolls

This is where they first landed on my garage floor.

Me & Vintage Play

I called my mom and told her she needed to come down. She hopped in her car without even knowing why she should come…better than Christmas morning!

I made the first sample in record time,

VP sample 1 pieces

These are all the pieces for the top.

My quilter stayed up all night to quilt it so it could be shipped to New York for photography. Tamara, you’re awesome, thanks!!!

The collection has 19 pieces and I used all but one for the quilt.


Vintage Play rolls

The free pattern will be available to shops later this month.

I can’t wait for you to see it.

This is where they now reside as I take turns cutting pieces off of each one to make my new pattern samples.

Vintage Play at home

Neat & tidy, just like soldiers.

Wait until I get pressed for time, they won’t look so neat & tidy then…

VP sample 2 pieces 2

These are the pieces for sample #2.

The blocks are sewn, and waiting for borders to appear,

but for now they must wait.

School starts Thursday and I have more important things to attend to.

Come Thursday morning when the bus pulls away though,

I’m all about “Vintage Play!”

Until next time,