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Look, I’m sewing!!

Kids are back to school,

the sun is shining,

and I’m sewing!

Just a hint of the new project that I’m creating with the new Amelia fabric collection collected from the generous Moda fabric company, with additions from a couple of quilt shops during my travels these past couple of weeks.

My first, or rather second project, my first is complete with the exception of sewing 8 super cute buttons on some flower centers, is going to be another of my popular quilt-as-you-go lap quilts.  The first is also a quilt-as-you-go lap quilt.  What can I say, they’re my most popular patterns and I love making them myself.

They make great gifts, they’re do-able in a day, and I don’t have the stress of figuring out how to quilt them!

I can’t show you the finished projects until I have the patterns ready, but believe me they’re very cute.

For now, you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Until next time,


new fabric collection, New ideas, Quilt Market

No rest for the weary

It seems no sooner do I get home from one market and deadlines for the next market are waiting for me in my “in” box!  No kidding, I’ve already got my flight booked for Houston the end of October.  I’ve booked a hotel to share with pattern designer buddies and I’ve already received a shipment of love from Moda!

Meet Amelia:

Dots, bright pastels and just the right amount of black (my personal favorite) thrown in. I had ideas in my head on our flight home from Salt Lake City, so the first chance I got I went to their website to drool over fabric collections due out this fall for spring designs.  It’s a fast paced cycle getting current fabrics to make samples with so shops will hopefully have the fabrics in stock to sell with the patterns.  It’s fun to dream with new fabrics that the folks at Moda are generous enough to supply to pesky designers like myself! It’s a win win situation I guess.  I can’t tell you how many shop owners came to my booth and fell in love with the fabric collection many of my booth samples were made with, Sweetwater’s “Countdown to Christmas.”  Remember my post here? The pre-cuts were just arriving in shops the week of market I heard over and over that weekend, but no shops had the bolts of yardage yet. I’d bet if you tried your local shops that they are receiving them by now.

Now that I have a bit of dreaming time on my hands (before I need to get back to graduation party prep for this weekend) I’m drooling over these pretties! 

I know, you want to know when you’ll see the new stuff from this market, right?  Tomorrow!  I will start those tomorrow, I promise!

Until then I’m going to go back to drooling and dreaming over Amelia!

Until next time,