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A Dolly Bed Day

The last couple of years I’ve been on the look-out for doll beds to help display or perhaps inspire small quilts.

You might remember me showing you one here.

They’re a lot harder to find than you may think.

It seems a lot of little girls had cribs or cradles not beds,

but I prefer the way a quilt drapes over a bed instead of going down into a crib or cradle.

Well, Friday I went to an estate sale and found a bed.


What an adorable print on the little mattress cover.


Not sure of the era, but it reminds me of feed sack cloth.

I also found a wicker cradle.


Although I prefer beds, I could not resist!

Then I stopped by an antique barn & found one more bed…


I knocked off the goofle feathers (my mom’s term for cobwebs & dust) & have been admiring them up close.

This green bed appears to be home made.

Not the best craftsmanship, but my favorite just the same.

Is it because green is my favorite color?

Think of all the hours some little girl enjoyed her favorite dolly.

I’d like to make a little quilt for each one, but for now I’m just admiring their sweetness!

Just keep sewing…