New quilt pattern

New Pattern, Clare’s Christmas Puppy #183

I hope you’re enjoying this bit of show & tell!  I had so much fun this (very cold & long) winter.  It’s the perfect time to dream & design.  It was too cold to be out anyway, so why not sew? 

My next pattern I have to give credit to my daughter, Clare.  She is quite the artist.  She likes to draw, design, color, AND quilt too!  At 13 years old she is amazing.  2-3 years ago she drew the cutest little puppy.  It was so cute that I hung it on our frig for quite a long time.  I knew I wanted to do something with that cute puppy one day.  So, finally this design came to me and I made a table runner and little quilt.

Meet Clare’s Christmas Puppy:

Isn’t he cute? 

I can say that because I didn’t create him, I just made him into a quilt.  You can’t tell from this little photo of him, but I used wool that I felted.  I still used fusible web and machine stitched him with a buttonhole stitch.  In case you can’t tell the tag says “Merry Christmas.”  

Don’t be surprised if you see Clare’s puppy in other designs in the future.  I really like him!

Look for him at your local quilt shop, or you can purchase him here.

Until next time,