My Life, Quilt Market

Biting my nails

I feel like a child, anxiously (and impatiently) waiting for Christmas!

I’ve been waiting for my new patterns…

FedEx has my covers and brochures for Fall Market in Houston where I’ll be going in a couple of weeks.

Tracking says I should get them today.

Wood River Printing is working on my new booklets.

They’re local and told me Tuesday or Wednesday, so as soon as I get the call, I’m there!

I don’t know why, but it’s always exciting to see my patterns in final form.

Yes, I’ve looked at them many hours already, but seeing them in polished form is so exciting to me.

It’s kind of like finally getting to wear that new Easter dress mom made along with the new coordinating shoes that were bought weeks in advance.

I can still remember trying them on in front of the mirror countless times.

I hope I survive.

I guess I’ll get busy by finishing up other market prep;

lighting & booth pole rental agreements,

boxing up freshly washed booth drapes for shipping,

and creating a new list of items that I’ll be taking with me to Houston.

Does this look as fun as standing in front of a mirror with shiny new shoes???

I think not!

For now I will just keep moving toward my final destination…market!

Until next time,


Hot Tips

Hot Tip Tuesday #22, Quilter’s Travel Companion

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was out of town a few days last week.  I tagged along with my husband while he attended a conference.  Although I really should have been home for those three days making progress on my new designs for Quilt Market, I can always justify going by spending some quality time in a quilt shop or two!  And for those of you with teenagers at home, we have three, you know what I mean when I say David and I can’t even have a conversation any more, so it’s a good time to catch up with him as well.

So, before we left I grabbed my Quilter’s Travel Companion and looked up the quilt shops that I could travel to while out and about.

Are you familiar?  If not you must get one.  This book lists quilt shops by state. 

Just look up the state you want and it shows a map of the state and pinpoints the shops.  Keep in mind quilt shops have to pay to be listed here so not every shop is included, but many are.  It’s put out every two years, so it’s pretty current, but I’d still call the shops listed before I traveled across the country to see one. 

Besides the shop’s address & phone number, the QTC also shows

  • a simplified map to the shop
  • it’s hours of operation
  • the square footage
  • how many bolts of fabric it may have
  • plus a sentence or two of the feel of the shop!!! 

This is a great way to decide if the shop is for you while planning a trip. It doesn’t hurt to have a GPS too.  I just typed in the address and it took me right to the door, OK in one instance it took me right across the street from the door!

So, besides being some company for my DH on his trip, I got some inspiration from a few purchases.  I’ll show you those a little later.

Until next time,