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In Season? No thank goodness!

This week I needed to make another sample to send out for a trunk show.  It’s a sample from my “In Season” series. When I booked the two trunk shows I thought I had two samples already, but as it turned out I started making two samples of each when I got to In Season for Christmas!  Darn!  I also need to go back now and make a second In Season for Fall before I forget I only have one of those again too! 

Maybe tomorrow, they’re quick!

In Season for Winter

No, I’m not at all ready to go back there!

These little quilts are actually fun for me.  A little bit of applique, a little bit of embroidery, a little bit of piecing, a little bit of quilting, a little bit of binding and you have a cute little quilt! You can purchase the pattern on my website if you’re not close to the two shops that are having trunk shows with my patterns and samples.  The first is at Pacific Fabrics & Crafts in Seattle, Washington (I’d like to hand deliver that one) and the other one will be at Byrne Sewing Center in New Britain, Pennsylvania, haven’t been here either.

I showed you a hot tip on how to do the stitching here last winter. 

So far I have 6 patterns in this series. I should have more soon.

I hope you’re getting some sewing time too.

Until next time,