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Hot Tip Tuesday #19, Listening to music

This past week I’ve had the inconvenience of having a scratchy throat that turned into laryngitis that has evolved into a cold and just really a blah existence. I’m feeling better with each passing day, but I need a boost.  Know what gives me a boost?

Steve Cole


Chris Botti

 plus many more, compliments of internet radio.

I’m fortunate enough to have the computer in my sewing room and when we upgraded to a new computer last fall my DH bought an awesome sound system to go with it.  He knows how much I love to listen to smooth jazz as I work, so I now have awesome equipment to serve up my favorite smooth jazz songs all day as I design and create.  Besides the fact that it’s upbeat mostly, I don’t have lyrics that spin ’round and ’round in my head, just a peppy beat.

Do you listen while you work? Perhaps something else to keep you company?

Until next time,