Quilt Workshop

Button Box Workshop & Trunk Show at The Quilt Corner, Morton, IL

Next week I’ll be teaching a workshop to make a quilt from my book.

Quilt-as-you-go, Button Box

at The Quilt Corner in Morton, IL.

I love their shop!

I’ve been going there about once a year for about 20 years.

My DH usually has meetings in the area this time of year

and I usually go along and visit quilt shops in the area for those couple of days.

I also love this quilt for many reasons.

I love the fabric collection; Ladies Album by Barbara Brackman,

it’s a reproduction line…

It’s made with 2 charm packs so a lot of the cutting is done for you!

I love the movement the busy collection creates in the quilt.

No 2 blocks are alike.

I love the addition of the word “Quilts”.

I designed this into a quilt probably 10 years ago but never made it into a pattern!

I love that it’s Quilt-as-you-go project that uses my super easy technique.

I’ll be teaching that as well as the Tiny Dresden assembly.

Last but certainly not least,

I love to make Tiny Dresden plates!!!

While there I’m also going to have a trunk show of a lot of my quilts.

As of today there are still a few openings for both the trunk show & the workshop.

Contact The Quilt Corner for more info.

(309) 263-7114

They’re also on Facebook.

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Dresden Plates, New Pattern Sample

Have I Told You Lately, That I Love Little Dresdens???

Absolutely, cannot get enough!

I took the weekend off.

OK, at least from sewing & designing.

I still filled orders & chatted about upcoming workshops… & possible workshops.

Would your group like me to come teach for you?

I do that you know?

Check my website for ideas & pricing then send me an email or call to schedule.

Today, it’s back to business!

Betsy’s load became a lot lighter toward the end of last week.

Remember how she looked?

I have enough plates to work on at least one design.

My Flower Garden Gatherings bouquet is growing prettier each day.

So much fun!

What are you working on?

Are you sewing along with me on my Dresden Quilt Workshop Sampler quilt?

It’s not too late to join in the fun.

If you are sewing along, you’ve got one more day until I show you Week #5, so chop, chop!

Back to work for me.

Just Keep Sewing…




Dresden Plates, My Life

Patriotic Runner Bedazzled

I found this lovely, 100% complete

red & white table runner for sale at my local quilt shop this morning

after our club meeting.

It caught my eye because of course as soon as I saw the stars,

my brain instantly started seeing little Dresden plates inside them.

I just can’t help myself!

I could tell the centers were a bit too small for one of my Tiny Dresden plates

(they’re usually appliqued onto a 4 1/2″ finished square)

but I knew I could make something work.

So, I bought the runner and a fat 1/4 of a pretty blue.

If you know me, you know my blue stash is VERY SMALL!

The only time I use blue is in patriotic quilts.

This afternoon I cut a couple strips of the blue fabric.

I decided on 1 3/4″ strips not knowing exactly what the finished size of the plate would be,

I just wanted the challenge of playing with the concept.

Notice I used the narrow end of the template.

This is the end that goes to the inside of the plate.

Had I cut with the outside edge of the template,

I would have only been making the center hole larger,

not the outside diameter smaller.

Since there are 3 stars on the runner,

I cut 36 petals to make 3 Dresden plates.

Of course I had plenty of reds to choose from for the centers.

Aren’t the 3 3/8″ Dresdens adorable???

The perfect addition to Tamara’s perfect stars!

I think they’re perfect for my new patriotic table runner.

What a fun project this afternoon.

I hope Tamara doesn’t want it back!

What are you sewing this summer?

Just Keep Sewing…